Lebanon’s Hatred of Israel: A Symptom of Dysfunction

Lebanon has many problems, including sectarian divisions, Iranian influence, spillover from the Syrian civil war, the weakness of its army, the ineffectiveness of its politicians, and the very existence of Hizballah, but Israel’s existence next door is not one of them.

The animosity of Lebanon towards Israel continues today only because it provides a convenient excuse for Hizballah to maintain a formidable arsenal that it uses to control Lebanon and to help its allies in Syria.

Lebanon has a law forbidding its citizens from interacting with Israeli citizens. As Michael J. Totten wrote:

“Lebanese citizens aren’t allowed to have any communication of any kind with Israelis anywhere in the world. If citizens of the two countries meet, say, on a beach in Cyprus or in a bar in New York, the Lebanese risks prison just for saying hello.”

The Lebanese online news source NOW explains that law in detail. Even a dual citizen (of Lebanon and Canada for example) could be jailed for interacting in the most innocuous way with an Israeli.

The Lebanese delegation, for example, recently refused to share a bus with the Israeli delegation at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, prompting the Israeli minister of culture and sports to describe the incident as, “anti-Semitism, pure and simple, and the worst kind of racism.” The incident was, however, hardly surprising, considering the history of Lebanese animosity towards Israel.

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Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

America is about to decide on its next President today. After a bruising 18-month election campaign, we will know within hours whether that is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So both candidates are busy making their final pleas to undecided voters who could help them over the line tonight.

“We face the test of our time”, Clinton told supporters at a star-studded campaign rally in Philadelphia, with performances by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. “Let’s make history together”. Barack and Michelle Obama were also on hand to “pass the baton” to her. Lady Gaga appeared at her final rally in North Carolina ,while Madonna performed a free concert in New York’s Washington Square Park.

Donald Trump by contrast told his supporters that his electoral performance will be “Brexit plus plus plus!” at a midnight rally in Virginia. “It’s up to the American people to deliver the justice that we deserve at the ballot box tomorrow,” he said, referencing the decision by the FBI on Sunday night to announce that no criminal charges would be brought against Clinton over her use of a private email server, and repeated his assertion that it was a “rigged, rigged system”.

Voters have been going to the polls since the early hours of this morning in New Hampshire, where the village of Dixville Notch became the first in the nation to declare shortly after midnight local time – with four of the village’s eight adults voting for Clinton. Hours-long queues at polling stations have already been seen at polling stations, and several Democrat activists have filed lawsuits alleging voter intimidation by Trump supporters. The billionaire has urged his supporters to personally monitor stations for potential fraud, raising the spectre of clashes.

So who will win the end? Clinton was given a 90 percent chance of defeating Trump, according to the final Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation stats released last night, which suggests that she will elected the first female president of the USA tonight (in the early hours of tomorrow morning for the UK).  “Trump is a terrible candidate. Hillary will almost certainly win,” writes Tim Stanley. “That’s okay, I guess”. Gavin Esler has imagined what her White House may be like in today’s paper, while Daniel McCarthy has explained why he and millions of Americans will vote for her Republican rival.

We have some advice in our leader for whoever emerges as Barack Obama’s successor. “The new president needs to give America a new sense of purpose and direction that – despite the great hopes that surrounded his election eight years ago – it has largely been lost in recent years under Barack Obama,” we say. “If the 44th president proved to be something of a disappointment, we can only hope the 45th will rise to the challenge.”

Huma Abedin’s Troubling Saudi Upbringing

Allegations concerning Huma Abedin’s connections to Islamist groups and actors devoted to taking down America through a subversive jihad is no secret.  But for those in the know about Islam, its goals and methods—and especially the power of indoctrination—her life story is more than enough for concern.

Born in the U.S., Huma moved to Saudi Arabia (SA) at the age of two.  There, she likely spent her formative years being indoctrinated in the same Islam that ISIS—SA’s brainchild—upholds.

Just like ISIS, SA teaches: hate and enmity for all non-Muslims; destruction of churches and all non-Muslim places of worship; fatal consequences for apostates and blasphemers; and, most importantly, the supreme merits of engaging in jihad, which is not limited to armed warfare, as the apologists often remind us, but literally consists of “striving”—or for our purposes, subverting—on behalf of Islam.

Such is the atmosphere and indoctrination that Abedin experienced growing up in SA; this was further supplemented at home by her mother, Saleha Abedin, a leading female activist of Islamic law and author of a book supporting female genital mutilation, death for apostates, and the participation of females in jihad.   After 16 years of such indoctrination, Huma removed the hijab and returned to the U.S. at age 18.  Two years later she was Hillary Clinton’s intern—and on her way to becoming, as Clinton later put it, a “second daughter” to her.

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