The day will come when Islam imposes burkinis on Western women

What the hell is happening to these women?Umma, sharia, fitna, jahiliya, hijab, niqab, abaya, jihad and now burkini: Islamism is imposing a disturbing vocabulary which has become familiar.

A hyper inclusive left is refusing to see burkini as an Islamist tool. It turns a blind eye to the repression of women that it symbolizes. Instead it is embracing it and turning it into a symbol of human rights to defend at all costs. The New York Times ran an article titled: “At the beach with my burkini”.

It is a culturally fanatic relativism with a heavy bias against Western civilization and it is fundamentally allergic to any “difference”. The burkini and the veil have now become symbols of a new frontier in the unstoppable conquest of human rights. It has become a political cause.

It is precisely because the Islamic veils radically contradict Western values that a relativistic and romantic Left defends them with such enthusiasm and energy, forgetting that Muslim women do not have a choice in the matter. Islamists have perfectly understood this dominant psychology among our élite, who are so terrified of being accused of “xenophobia”. Islamism hypnotizes Westerners and turns the burkini against them.

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5 thoughts on “The day will come when Islam imposes burkinis on Western women

  1. You seem to forget that not so long ago … in my youth … no bare flesh was to be shown in public. Our parents when wanting to go bathing in the sea had to wear full swimsuits. Women on the streets had to have their head covered and nuns where totally covered (more than many Islamic women today on our streets). In church the covered women (with a voile before their face) had to sit at the left side and men at the right, except for higher placed families (like mine, who had special reserved places in church where they could sit together, though still the woman at the left site of man.)

    Too many people today also confuse a burkini with a burka and a niqah, though it has nothing to do with them nor with a bikini nor a ‘nikini’, except that most parts of the body are protected from sunlight, and as such we find such covering also be warn on our beaches by a.o. Madonna and other stars, plus I also had my kids protected with body covering.

    You best read some of the absurdities my family encountered two years ago, we not being allowed on several beaches because we were not naked enough, whilst in the same dress we were not being allowed in certain places in several cities because we where to naked. It was really a ridiculous situation.

    Please start with the article and continue to read the many other articles on that subject at the different websites. (see the links)

    • We have moved on since the days of ‘our parents’ and now our natural right of free choice, and free speech, together with the emancipation of women, can and must be exercised. Body coverings in Islam, as touched on in their religious books, are to identify those women who are not to be sexually molested – not to screen against ultraviolet rays. Beware of the soft jihad, my friend!

      • First of all the Quran does not oblige the wearing of all covering cloths. Second it is the free choice of women and of men how to cloth themselves.

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