One Unsafe Concept and One Ineligible to Lead

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We have two great threats from within which we have yet to discuss. These are on top of the elite group of ex-military and security leaders who are dead set on surrendering our natural and ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria without even getting a thank you from the Arabs simply in the hope that they will be viewed with great honor and be permitted to travel Europe safely. They are flawed in their proffered solution to a problem that needs not their faux-expertise and equally wrong that the Europeans will forgive their military service and now love them. To Europe they are still war criminals and they would still be tried should they disembark and walk on sacred European soil; may it give forth as they give unto Israel, bitter yields. But there are other dangers; so shall we end this tribute to last week’s disasters and move to…

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Sweden’s Holy War on Children’s Books

In 1966, one of Sweden’s most popular children’s writers, Jan Lööf, published Grandpa is a Pirate, an illustrated children’s book, which featured, among other characters, the wicked pirate Omar and the street peddler, Abdullah. The book has been a bestseller ever since, and has been translated into English (as My Grandpa is a Pirate), Spanish, French and other languages. Ten years ago, 100,000 copies of it were even distributed to the Swedish public with McDonald’s Happy Meals, as part of an initiative to support reading among children.

Ah, but those were the days of yesteryear! Now, fifty years later, the book is no longer tolerable. The now 76-year-old author told Swedish news outlets that his publisher recently said that unless he rewrites the book and changes the illustrations, it will be taken off the market. The publisher also threatened to withdraw another of his books unless it is redone: it features an illustration of a black jazz musician who sleeps with his sunglasses on.

Lööf’s publisher, the Swedish publishing giant Bonnier Carlsen, says that it has not yet made a final decision and that it only views the rewriting and re-illustrating of the books as “an option.” There is no doubt, however, that they consider the books in question extremely problematic.


A Socialist Les Miserables in Venezuela

A mob of starving people advanced on the presidential palace chanting, “We want food”. They were met by soldiers and police dispatched by the tyrant from his lavish palace decorated opulently with a golden sun, giant rock crystal mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and towering oil portraits.

The scene wasn’t 19th century France, but 21st century Venezuela.

And if you are wondering why you haven’t seen it on the news, it’s because Venezuela is a Socialist disaster area that was once being used as a model by the left. Now it’s a place where the vast majority of people can’t afford basic food staples and a third are down to two or fewer meals a day.

Obama laughed and joked with deceased monster Hugo Chavez, who handed him a copy of the anti-American tract, “Open Veins of Latin America” that had even been disavowed by its own author. Obama called the book a “nice gesture”, but Eduardo Galeano, its author, had told an audience that the left “commits grave errors” when in power.

Venezuela, once a wealthy oil state, where the doctors offering “universal health care” have no medicine and starving people loot government stores looking for food, is yet another example. 50 people are dead in the latest food riots. Their graves are yet another “grave error” of the left.


My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation

Have you ever had a riot?” I ask a recruiter from a prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).”The last riot we had was two years ago,” he says over the phone.”Yeah, but that was with the Puerto Ricans!” says a woman’s voice, cutting in. “We got rid of them.””When can you start?” the man asks.I tell him I need to think it over.

I take a breath. Am I really going to become a prison guard? Now that it might actually happen, it feels scary and a bit extreme.

I started applying for jobs in private prisons because I wanted to see the inner workings of an industry that holds 131,000 of the nation’s 1.6 million prisoners. As a journalist, it’s nearly impossible to get an unconstrained look inside our penal system. When prisons do let reporters in, it’s usually for carefully managed tours and monitored interviews with inmates. Private prisons are especially secretive. Their records often aren’t subject to public access laws; CCA has fought to defeat legislation that would make private prisons subject to the same disclosure rules as their public counterparts. And even if I could get uncensored information from private prison inmates, how would I verify their claims? I keep coming back to this question: Is there any other way to see what really happens inside a private prison?


Senior Iranian Official Says Brexit Vote Presents ‘Historical Opportunity’ for Tehran and Country Must Capitalize on EU’s Downfall

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union presents a “historical opportunity” for Iran, a senior Iranian official said on Friday according to semi-official state news agency Tasnim.

On Twitter, Political Deputy of Iran’s Presidential Office Hamid Abutalebi said the UK’s decision will trigger a domino effect leading to the EU’s downfall and the Iranian government must be ready to capitalize on it.

“A great earthquake has shaken Europe and the UK has quit the European Union,” he wrote. “The stars of Europe’s union are falling down. Economic changes in south European countries, terrorism and the refugee crisis is showed that the union is about to fall. But the domino was ticked off with Brexit.”

Abutalebi claimed that Europeans long ago lost their trust in the EU and that the breakup of the remainder of the European bloc is only a matter of time.


The case for Brexit: the EU alliance with jihadist thugs

The unholy alliance between the European Union and the corrupt Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will likely expand with Britain’s departure from the EU.

Only the day before the breaking news that Brexit won, Abbas called on the EU to help his people recognize their right to self-determination by achieving statehood, and outlined his vision for a peace deal. Of course, Abbas is pushing for pre-67 borders (aka Auschwitz borders).

He spoke before European Parliament and declared that global terrorism will end if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved; but this is nothing short of hogwash, given the routine terrorism across Islamic states, the persecution of Christians and Muslim-on-Muslim violence. But like Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Abbas repeats the same lies over and over again, so people will eventually believe them.

In his protracted message before European Parliament, Abbas accused Israel of massacring Palestinians and of other atrocities, while leaving out any mention of the PA Charter’s mission to destroy Israel, and the Palestinian jihadist terror attacks routinely carried out through rocket launches — such as the one a Tel Aviv Cafe in the Sarona Market area earlier this month — and the stabbings of innocent people in the street.