Birthday Treats

Four women share a birthday and always celebrate it together.

For their 40th birthday they go to the Lakeview restaurant because the waiters are cute and wear tight pants.

For their 50th birthday they go to the Lakeview restaurant because the prices are reasonable and it has a good wine list.


For their 60th birthday they go to the Lakeview restaurant because its quiet and has a nice view.

For their 70th birthday they go to the Lakeview restaurant because its wheelchair accessible.

For their 80th birthday they go to the Lakeview restaurant because they’ve never been there before.

ISIS in Europe: How Deep is the “Gray Zone”?

In the 1970s and ’80s, Europe was terrorized by a war declared by Communist armed groups, such as the Germany’s Baader Meinhof or Italy’s Red Brigades. Terrorists seemed determined to undermine democracy and capitalism. They targeted dozens of journalists, public officials, professors, economists and politicians, and in Italy in 1978, even kidnapped and executed Italy’s former prime minister, Aldo Moro.

The big question then was: “How deep is the ‘gray zone’?” — the sympathizers of terrorism in the industrial factories, labor unions and universities.

In the last year, the Islamic State’s henchmen slaughtered hundreds of Europeans and Westerners. Their last assault, in Brussels, struck at the heart of the West: the postmodern mecca of NATO and the European Union.

We should now answer the same question: How deep is the “gray zone” of the Islamic State in Europe?

Peggy Noonan recently tried to give an answer in the Wall Street Journal: “There are said to be 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. … Let’s say only 10% of the 1.6 billion harbor feelings of grievance toward ‘the West’, or desire to expunge the infidel, or hope to re-establish the caliphate. That 10% is 160 million people. Let’s say of that group only 10% would be inclined toward jihad. That’s 16 million. Assume that of that group only 10% really means it — would really become jihadis or give them aid and sustenance. That’s 1.6 million.”

That is a lot.


College Daze

Beyond the Cusp

There is nothing more dangerous than college campuses turned into weapons. We have witnessed a transformation over the past twenty years as all the old communist organizations went hunting for a new target as their old fight was lost. Darned if their new target is one of the oldest targets in the world, the Jew. Their new target is actually one of their old targets but with a new twist, the Jew amongst the nations, Israel. One item we need remember is that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas along with the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and the PFLP (People for the Liberation of Palestine) were built from the ground up by the KGB. One has to remember that Israel was one of the great disappointments to the world communists as they had such high hopes. When Israel was first founded it was the model of socialism and communism with its…

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Massachusetts Islamism

A number of Massachusetts Muslim groups, led by Cambridge city councilor Nadeem Mazen, are currently spearheading a campaign against the Obama administration’s program, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), which has designated Boston as one of its pilot cities.

From the government’s perspective, Boston was an obvious choice. The city has a long, unfortunate history of producing internationally-recognized terrorists, including the Tsarnaev brothers, who bombed the Boston marathon; Aafia Siddiqui, whom FBI Director Robert S. Mueller describes as “an al-Qaeda operative and facilitator;” Abdulrahman Alamoudi, the founder of the Islamic Society of Boston, and named by the federal government as an Al Qaeda fundraiser, and Ahmad Abousamra, a key official within Islamic State, whose father is vice-president of the Muslim American Society’s Boston branch.

During the past decade, in fact, twelve congregants, supporters, officials and donors of the Islamic Society of Boston alone have been imprisoned, deported, killed or are on the run in connection with terrorism offenses.


Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

The Home Office insists that border security “is, and always has been of paramount importance”, but Ben Riley-Smith reports in today’s paper that the country’s “eBorders” IT system for detecting jihadists routinely crashes and went down twice over a 48-hour period last June. The incident was so serious that Theresa May was alerted by officials close to midnight as technicians worked through the night to fix the system amid fears from border officials that hundreds of extremists, convicts and illegal immigrants were arriving in the UK undetected.

The revelation that a vital part of Britain’s border security stopped working during a time of “severe” threat from terrorism has already raised serious questions about whether it is fit for purpose. “If our eBorders system has twice crashed then the Home Office should have come clean with the public,” said shadow policing minister Jack Dromey. “The Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens,” we say in our leader this morning. “Theresa May, the Home Secretary, needs to demonstrate some urgency in response to these evident shortcomings.”

Any suggestion that Britain’s border security is less than robust will help Brexiteers as they make their case in the EU referendum campaign. Con Coughlin argues that the EU needs to undertake a “radical overhaul of its open-borders policy” in order to prevent “yet more terrorists” travelling freely across Europe. “The best way to prevent Isil and other terror groups from activating their terror cells is to stop them from arriving in the first place,” he writes in today’s paper.

At the same time though the Government is finding itself under increasing pressure to take in unaccompanied refugee children from Europe, after rejecting calls to take 3,000 o of them as it would create “perverse incentives for people to put their lives into the hands of people traffickers”. MPs broke into spontaneous applause during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday after Yvette Cooper, the former shadow home secretary, claimed the Government’s policy on child refugees in Europe was “putting this House and this country to shame“. The Mail, a paper that has normally been robust on migration, has called on David Cameron to provide “what help we can give to them”, so a U-turn may well be imminent.

The Prime Minister hasn’t let this stop him from banging the drum for Britain to stay in the EU today, writing an article in the Guardian with former TUC chief Brendan Barber.  “The leavers say this must be some sort of conspiracy masterminded by shadowy international elites,” they write. “All we have to say is: to have been able to bring even the two of us together today, these evil geniuses must be very good.” This comes after the Govenrment made significant concessions to its  Trade Union Bill in a bid to secure support for the EU referendum campaign. Are ministers worried about left-wing voters not turning out on June 23? It may well be a sign that David Cameron can’t feel he can rely on Jeremy Corbyn to inspire Labour-leaning voters. You can follow today’s events on our liveblog.

Ministers may be working out how best to woo the trade unions, but Allister Heath thinks they should be focussing on making a “inspiring, coherent, optimistic case for meritocratic, dynamic capitalism”.  The best way this could happen, he writes in today’s paper, is by leaving the EU. “A Brexit is not just a good idea on economic and political grounds – it would also ensure that the Tory party would, in time, reconnect with young people,” he concludes.

A God Who Hates Women

A God Who Hates Women is the title of my latest book, a memoir. I was driven to write it to counter the unfounded claims of many Western pro-Islam or Eastern Islamist scholars.

In detail, I reveal how Western Muslims scholars are not educated or informed enough, but rely on fallacies created to give the illusion of wisdom. Unlike these so-called scholars or Western imams, I lived most of my life in several Muslim countries. I grew up in both dominant Muslim sects, predominantly Shia and Sunni nations (the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria).

Rather than depicting fantasies and baseless theories, I attempt to show readers, through my firsthand experiences, what life in a Muslim country or under the Sharia law is actually like. Although this book focuses mainly on Islam, oppression and women, my next upcoming book, “The Renegade: Memoir of Struggle, Defiance and Enlightenment,” sheds light on the untold truth about Islam, and many things I have remained silent about.

For a woman who lives in a Muslim society or under Shari’a law, “choice” is an alien word. Inequality, violence, injustice, abuse, and discrimination are daily nightmares.

Some women become tools of the dominant Islamist culture: they join the system to please the authorities and to get rewards. Others have found no way to survive other than to be forcefully subjugated, controlled and dehumanized.