Hooded Robber

A hooded robber burst into a bank and forced the tellers to load a sack full of cash.

On his way out the door, a brave calgary customer grabbed the hood and pulled it off, revealing the robber’s face.

The robber shot the customer without a moment ‘s hesitation.

He then looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers looking straight at him.

The robber instantly shot him also.

Everyone in the bank, by now very scared, looked intently down at the floor in silence.

The robber yelled, “well, did anyone else see my face?”

There are a few moments of utter silence in which everyone was plainly too afraid to speak

Then, one old norwegian named ole’ from camrose tentatively raised his hand and said:

“My wife got a pretty good look at you.”

Christians Who Demonize Israel: Kairos

“Christian children are massacred, and everything is done in plain sight. Islamists proclaim on a daily basis that they will not stop until Christianity is wiped off the face of the earth. So are the world Christian bodies denouncing the Islamic forces for the ethnic cleansing, genocide and historic demographic-religious revolution their brethren are suffering? No. Christians these days are busy targeting the Israeli Jews.” — Giulio Meotti, Italian journalist.

The Kairos document seems to be so egregiously discriminatory that in 2010, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) declared it “supersessionist” and “anti-Semitic.”

We must ask why a presentation of the work of Kairos in an Anglican church made no reference whatever to the many associations with extremism and denial of a more rational Christian approach to the problems faced by Palestinian Christians.


The Reason the Palestinians Claims are Invalid

Beyond the Cusp

There is a one-step fits all, sure-fire, infallible, one-hundred-percent guaranteed way of immediately extinguishing any argument which has as any part of it that Israel is forbidden from building cities, towns, business parks, shopping malls or anything their minds’ or hearts’ desire east of the Green Line up to and including along the banks of the Jordan River and Dead Sea; and that is the very well-crafted and painstakingly worked wording of the argument the other side loves to wave around never allowing it to slow so anybody can have an opportunity to read it, that is United Nations Security Council Resolution 242. They will claim that Israel must pull out of all the territories they won by their aggressions in the June 1967 Six Day War which means the 1949 Armistice lines which separated Israel from Palestine on June 4, 1967. Did you catch the main lies? The…

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The Value of Tolerance: Today is “Wear a Kippah Day” – Il Foglio Wants Your Selfie

We believe the issue is quite clear then: can we accept to go from a tragic retreat to a dramatic surrender without lifting a finger? Without doing anything, without fighting, without protesting? Without sounding an alarm bell which should make us understand we cannot keep ignoring that the respect for certain religious identities (you know which ones) is making us cover under a veil, literally hide, other religious identities (you know which ones)? No, we cannot. A Jew who hides in fear of being recognized as a Jew is the perfect symbol of a world that forces the West to hide for fear of provoking a reaction among those who want to stab the West. Very well. We are doing our small part, and this year we will turn January 27th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, into our and your “Wear a Kippah Day”. The Jews shall not hide. The West shall not hide. We stand publicly behind it. If you want to do the same, send your picture to Il Foglio at the email address kippah@ilfoglio.it: the kippah is on us.


UK: MP who warned of Muslim rape gang says he was abused and threatened for making claims

An MP who claims he was “castigated” after warning parliament about organised sex abuse gangs has welcomed the jail sentence of 12 men who exploited a vulnerable schoolgirl.

Conservative Kris Hopkins, MP for Keighley and Ilkley, spoke out after 12 Asian men were sentenced for up to 20 years on Monday for grooming and abusing a vulnerable teenager for their own “selfish, sexual gratification”.

The men, all from West Yorkshire, abused or sexually assaulted the girl – aged 13 and 14 at the time – in encounters arranged by a violent drug dealer over a period of 13 months between 2011 and 2012.

On one occasion, the girl was gang-raped by five of the defendants.

Some of the abuse took place in an underground car park where there was graffiti with the victim’s name and the word ‘corner’ daubed on the wall.

Bradford Crown Court heard the men treated the girl as though she was “utterly worthless”.

Two of the men also received sentences for offences against other victims.


Turkey: Death to Free Speech

Defending his quest for an executive presidential system Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cited Hitler’s Germany as an effective form of government. Yes, he said, you can have the presidential system in a unitary state as in Hitler’s Germany. His office later claimed that the president’s “Hitler’s Germany” metaphor had been “distorted” by the media. Erdogan’s words on Hitler’s Germany may or may not have been distorted, but the way he rules Turkey reminds one powerfully of how Hitler ruled the Third Reich.

With or without a distortion of Erdogan’s words, a criminal indictment was filed against Sedat Ergin, editor-in-chief of the country’s most influential newspaper, Hurriyet. Prosecutors demanded up to five years in prison for Ergin, for allegedly insulting Erdogan. The indictment claims that Hurriyet insulted the president by paraphrasing his Sept. 6, 2015 remarks about an attack by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on the Iraqi border, in an attack that killed 16 Turkish soldiers.

Such insane charges are no longer news in Erdogan’s Turkey. On Jan. 11, prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into the host and the producer of a popular talk show on charges of “terrorist propaganda.” The move came after a caller, identifying herself as a schoolteacher, protested the civilian casualties during recent security operations against the PKK. The caller was urging the public to raise its voice against the deaths of “unborn children, babies and mothers.” She did not even mention the PKK.