How to Throw a Knife Perfectly

The deadly throwing knife attack is such a reliably badass visual in movies it’s a shame to ruin it with physics. Even with sweetest Valyrian steel, mass plus velocity equals one completely intact White Walker. Still, when did a skill have to be practical to be impressive? The point of learning how to throw a knife is that you know how to throw a knife.

No one understands this better than Tom Warren, owner and proprietor of Meadowlake Ranch, a bed and breakfast dude ranch in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. He’s been throwing knives and tomahawks for more than 50 years, and has trained his guests in the art of impalement for roughly the past 20. Warren spoke to Inverse about the importance of knife selection, and why you should always keep your weapon in hand.

If I come to you and I want a course in knife throwing, what do I need to know?


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