Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads

November 4: The Swedish Immigration Service sent out a press release, saying that it had hired close to a thousand additional employees since June. The Immigration Service now has over 7,000 employees, including hourly workers and consultants — double the 3,350 employees who worked there in 2012. Most of the new recruits work with the legal processing of asylum applications, but the units dealing with receiving migrants and filing their initial applications have also expanded considerably. As if the record influx of migrants this autumn were not crushing enough, the Immigration Service also had trouble retaining its staff. Employees complain about being badly treated: they are always expected to be on call, and possibly even work Christmas Eve.

November 4: Bobel Barqasho, a 31-year-old Syrian, was sentenced by Sweden’s Supreme Court to 14 years in prison. Before his case reached the Supreme Court, Barqasho had been sentenced by a lower court to 9 years in prison, then acquitted by the Court of Appeals. In February 2013, Barqasho threw his wife off a sixth-floor balcony. Against all odds, the woman survived the 13-meter (about 43 feet) fall, but was badly injured. When she woke up after five weeks in a coma, her head was held together by a helmet, her face felt loose, and her teeth were gone. In the Court of Appeals, the defense managed to plant reasonable doubt about the man’s guilt by claiming the woman was depressed and had jumped of her own free will] so the Court of Appeals set him free. By the time the Supreme Court pronounced its sentence of 14 years, Barqasho had disappeared. He is now being sought by Interpol.

November 6: The Grönkulla School in Alvesta closed after reports of a rape at the facility spread on social media. A Somali boy had apparently been sexually harassing a 12-year-old girl for some time. On October 17, he allegedly took his attentions a step farther, pulled the girl behind a bush and raped her. The girl’s father had been unsuccessful in trying to get the school to address the problem earlier, but even after the reported rape, the school’s management did not act. The boy was allowed to continue going to the school – just on a schedule different from the girl’s. Her distraught parents told the news website Fria Tider: “We are being spat on because we are Swedish.” In protest against the school’s management, many parents, viewing the school as having sided with the perpetrator, moved their children to other schools.


Prime Minister Netanyahu: “We Will Not Allow Iran To Have Nuclear Weapons”

After the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated on Saturday that Iran has made all the necessary steps to fully implement the international nuclear agreement with the P5 +1 countries, both the US and EU removed previously imposed sanctions on Iran.

During a meeting with his cabinet earlier this morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear that Israel would still continue to closely monitor Iran’s activities.

“Pursuant to the nuclear agreement with Iran, Israel will continue to monitor all international violations by Iran including the nuclear deal, the agreement on ballistic missiles and terrorism,” said Israel’s Prime Minister.

“Israel’s policy was and continues to remain exactly as it was, not to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons,” added Netanyahu.


Turkey’s Murderous Assault on Kurds

The Turks have begun another massacre in Kurdistan, this time bigger than before, and imposing curfews to pin down their victims. It is the latest demonstration of Turkey’s 90-year-old extermination campaign against the Kurdish population.

In Turkey’s Kurdistan, since August 16, there have been 52 open-ended, round-the-clock curfews affecting 17 towns, in which approximately 1,299,061 people reside (2014 population census#, according to the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey #TIHV#. Those are predominantly Kurdish towns.

During these curfews, the Turkish military and police have targeted, terrorized and demolished entire Kurdish neighborhoods. The curfews are accompanied by military assaults against civilian populations – their homes, businesses, offices, historical monuments, reservoirs and infrastructure, are being bombed and destroyed. As Ziya Pir, a deputy of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party #HDP# said: “The soldiers, police or some unregistered people that I call ‘head hunters’ rake through everything from top to bottom wherever they see life.”

The Turks are using aerial bombardment, sniper fire, artillery fire, tanks, helicopters and thousands of soldiers. When someone is wounded or gets seriously sick, and their family members need to take them to hospital, they are shot by snipers, or sometimes they are shot just at the windows of their homes.


Czech leader says Muslim integration ‘practically impossible’ in Europe

Czech President Milos Zeman, known for his fiery anti-migrant rhetoric, said on Sunday it was “practically impossible” to integrate the Muslim community into European society.

“The experience of Western European countries which have ghettos and excluded localities shows that the integration of the Muslim community is practically impossible,” Zeman said in a televised interview.

“Let them have their culture in their countries and not take it to Europe, otherwise it will end up like Cologne,” he added, referring to the mass New Year’s Eve assaults on women in Germany and elsewhere.

“Integration is possible with cultures that are similar, and the similarities may vary,” pointing out that the Vietnamese and Ukrainian communities had been able to integrate into Czech society.


Black Bear

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On January 12, 2016 I had a dream and because I am pre-scheduling my post I’m only sharing it today. I’m sharing it because my life at the moment is in turmoil and this dream’s interpretation offered me hope.

I dreamt of a black bear with silver streaks as if he was growing old. He chased the children that were coming home from school. There were men who distracted the bear. The bear was slow and everyone remained safe. I called 911 and was told to offer the bear a bowl of fruit. I called the bear and gave him what I had, a big shiny orange and a banana. I didn’t have any more fruit but I had a tuna fish sandwich he took a bite but didn’t care for it but since I didn’t have anything else, he ate it. I was nervous because I had…

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Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

After promising last week to tackle “sink estates” in Britain, David Cameron is setting his sights today on the difficulties Muslim women have with integrating – by urging more of them to learn English. He is expected to use a speech today to call on more Muslim mothers to learn the language so they can play a bigger role in society, after privately suggesting that their “traditional submissiveness” is one of the main reasons young men are vulnerable to radicalisation. “At the moment, too many Muslim women are treated like second-class citizens who may speak only basic English at best, and have no jobs or independent financial standing,” a government source said.

The Prime Minister set out the context of his speech in this morning’s Times, declaring that Britain needed to be “more assertive about our liberal values, clearer about the expectations we place on those who come to live here and build our country together, and more creative and generous in the work we do to break down barriers”. The government will also set aside £20 million to improve the availability of English lessons for migrants. Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi, a former Foreign Office minister, sounded a scepical note on Twitter, questioning why this drive should be part of a counter-terrorism strategy. She wrote: “Women should have the opportunity to learn English full stop….why should it just be Muslim women who have the opportunity to learn English? Why not anyone who lives in the UK and can’t speak English?”.

This English language drive has potential economic benefits, with Cameron pointing out that 60% of women from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities are economically inactive, so more could be encouraged to work. The Prime Minister’s speech today will have added potency as it comes in the wake of the Cologne style sex attacks. Anti-EU campaigners have already seized on this, with Vote Leave’s Dominic Cumming saying that there was “nothing” to stop the attackers moving to the UK once they get German citizenship.

As civil servants ponder (at least, in their minds) the implications of Brexit, could the Prime Minister come to side with the Eurosceptics? Not likely, says Charles Moore in today’s paper. “Never – with the partial exception of Margaret Thatcher in 1990 – does a top-rank leader end up standing on the eurosceptic side. Always, the precise content of whatever particular European negotiation is going on is suddenly magnified to claim victory by whoever is in power. This is now happening all over again,” he writes.

“We will never truly build One Nation unless we are more assertive about our liberal values”

Millions Face Longer Wait

More than ten million patients a year are struggling to get a GP appointment – with record numbers waiting more than a week, national research has found. NHS statistics show that the proportion of people who are unhappy with the opening times of their local practice has risen by one fifth in three years, amid pleas from patients for seven day opening. Family doctors last night said they are overwhelmed by growing demand, and increasingly unable to provide safe levels of service.

Corbyn: Lose The Warheads
Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Britain should keep its fleet of nuclear submarines but have them patrol the globe without nuclear weapons. The Labour leader suggested – in an interview on Andrew Marr that was later branded a “disgrace” by John Prescott – that Britain could keep Trident submarines without the nuclear warheads, in a move that will placate the unions who fear abandoning the deterrent could lead to job losses in shipyards in Cumbria and Scotland.

Tulip To Tear Into Trump
Muslim Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has pledged to ‘tear to shreds’ the reputation of Donald Trump in three hour Commons debate on banning the Republican US Presidential hopeful later today. MPs will debate the proposal in Westminster Hall, after a petition, which was launched after the US presidential hopeful called for all Muslims to be banned from entering America, attracted more than 570,000 signatures.

Boris: Apologise To Lord Bramall
Boris Johnson says that Lord Bramall, the former head of the Army who was interviewed as part of a police probe into child sex abuse, deserves a “full and heartfelt apology” from officers. Writing in today’s paper, the London Mayor says: “In this case they were plainly barking up the wrong tree… he deserves to put the last year behind him, and accept the continued thanks of his country.”

Corbyn Y El Gato
Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he won’t name his black and white cat and instead simply calls it ‘the cat’ in Spanish. The Labour leader says he calls his pet ‘El Gato’ and that it answers to the tune of ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’, which Mr Corbyn whistles to encourage it back in the house.

Cannon Fodder Controversy
Nicola Sturgeon has distanced herself from claims from within her government that a school cadet scheme provides “cannon fodder” for the British Army as she came under pressure to name and shame the culprit. Julian Brazier, a Defence Minister, wrote to SNP ministers urging them to help promote the setting up of cadet units in schools, particularly in deprived areas. But a senior SNP government source was quoted in the Sunday Herald stating: “There’s no way we’re having this cannon fodder scheme in schools.

Middle Class Discount
Middle class families should no longer have to pay the cost of jailing petty criminals, under a plan set out by a left of centre thinktank today. The Institute of Public Policy Research said the offenders’ prison costs would be billed to their home town’s council to help cut the growing prison population. Cash held by Whitehall to cover custody costs would then be handed to the councils and spent on drug and alcohol dependency programmes to help prevent repeat offending.

Deputy Speaker Under Fire
A black Labour MP has been accused of “playing the race card” after complaining that the deputy speaker in the House of Commons was guilty of “a racial bias” and saying a top black Tory MP only likes white people . Dawn Butler, the Labour MP for Brent Central, has accused Eleanor Laing, a deputy Speaker, of failing to call on ethnic-minority female Labour MPs during debates in Parliament because of “an unconscious bias on her part — a racial bias.”

Clinton Takes On Sanders
Hillary Clinton, the US Democratic presidential front-runner, used a televised debate on Sunday to accuse her rival, Bernie Sanders, of being inconsistent on regulating Wall Street, weak on gun control and unrealistic in his healthcare plans. She used some of her strongest language yet in trying to halt Mr Sanders’ growing challenge to her status as favourite to win the nomination.

Migrant Rapes of European Women



According to the Spectator:

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful Stockholm police were warned not to give descriptions of the perpetrators lest they were accused of being racist

It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The Germans were lucky; in Sweden, similar attacks have been taking place for more than a year and the authorities are still playing catch up. Only now is the truth emerging, both about the attacks and the cover-ups. Stefan Löfven, our Prime Minister, has denounced a ‘double betrayal’ of women and has promised an investigation. But he ought to be asking this: what made the police and even journalists cover up the truth?

The answer can be discovered in the reaction to the Cologne attacks. Sweden prides itself on its sexual equality and has even pioneered a feminist foreign policy. When hundreds of women were reported to have been molested and abused in Cologne — at the hands of an organised mob — the reaction from Swedish politicians and pundits ought to have been one of outrage.

Instead, we were told that the events in Cologne were not unusual. An article in Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest tabloid, argued that it was racist to point out that the perpetrators in Cologne had been described as North African or Arab, since German men had carried out sexual assaults during Bavaria’s Oktober-fest. Another Aftonbladet article said that reporting on the Cologne attacks was bowing to right-wing extremism. Over the last week, we have been told over and over that the real issue is men, not any particular culture — that Swedish men are no better.


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