Who Is Stealing Palestinian Land?

The beleaguered Palestinian Islamist movement, Hamas, has found an original way to solve its financial crisis. The movement is now planning to pay its unpaid civil servants with former Israeli settlement land in the Gaza Strip.

Abandoned by Israel in 2005 as part of the “disengagement” from the Gaza Strip, the land was supposed to provide a solution to the severe housing crisis in the Palestinian-controlled area. Back then, there was much talk about building new housing projects for thousands of Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli “disengagement” prompted some oil-rich Arab countries to propose plans to help solve the severe housing crisis in the Gaza Strip. The lands that once housed Jewish settlements were supposed to transform the Gaza Strip into the Middle East’s Singapore.

Instead, all the grandiose and ambitious plans went right down the drain when Hamas seized control over the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007. Since then, the entire Gaza Strip has been transformed into a base for various Islamist groups. In addition to suppressing and intimidating the local population, these groups, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other jihadi militias, have used the Gaza Strip to launch terror attacks against Israel and threaten Egypt’s national security on the other side of the border.


Why Iranian Nuclear Program Matters

Beyond the Cusp

President Obama would like the world to believe that there was a nuclear deal reached, signed, sealed and delivered to the Security Council and set into stone. There are a few problems with that story line, namely the Iran part of the deal. The part of the nuclear deal which is valid is that the sanctions have been lifted, Iran is back in the oil and pistachio business while European companies are tripping over each other in a race to sign deals with Iran and get their share of the billions which are going to be flowing when Iran receives the monies the United States is obligated to release from banks and investment accounts. The deal passed by the Security Council made the European and United States parts of the deal sealed and delivered and sent the Iranian part of the deal to Iran where it was graciously received and…

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99999Whenever I do a cartoon attacking President Obama I am hit with charges that I am a racist. I have learned to get around this by attacking “the White House” or John Kerry instead.

There are other “accepted” positions that I must observe in order to be taken seriously by a large part of our Jewish constituency. One of these “accepted” positions is the idea that Israel needs to stay firmly in America’s pocket.

Another “accepted” position is the idea that Donald Trump is a dangerous, crazy, racist, clown. In order to stave off the knee-jerk response to a cartoon challenging these ideas in today’s cartoon, I had to present them as being the insane ramblings of an out-of-control computer-robot who has gone berserk!

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Doglet’s 2014 Christmas Letter

that little voice

Chili’s 2014 Christmas letter received a warm welcome from her friends across the country. Hope you enjoy her lamentings from last year.

December 2014

Another holiday season is here and I have much to report about the trials and tribulations of being the alpha female in the house my ‘pet’ maintains.

As you may recall from my first Christmas message a year ago, I am the senior doglet of my human pet, christmas dogwho has yet to understand her lower position in the hierarchy of the domestic living we share. I continue to train on her, but I remain unsure if her reluctance to learn is an intelligence issue, a stubborn issue, or my instructional abilities (probably not).

Speaking of trials and tribulations, my pet brought in an interloper recently and this pest has disrupted our entire household. She is bossy, noisy, jealous, dominating, and doesn’t understand her place at the…

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Muslim Girls Buying “Fake Hymens” to Preserve Honor

In a culture in which lacking your virginity can be deadly, a market has sprung up for fake hymens which will convince a man that his bride was a virgin on their wedding night. The product is being snapped up by Muslim girls worldwide, though the manufacturer’s main client base is Muslim women living in Europe, a number on the rise.

The German company, called VirginiaCare, offers a medically tested “artificial hymen” which will “bleed” when broken, proving to a man – and his relatives – that his new wife is indeed the virgin she claimed to be before the wedding.

VirginiaCare’s website asks, “No longer a virgin? Is it unfortunately being asked of you?” It goes on to promise, “With an artificial hymen from VirginiaCare, you will certainly be able to show the bloodstains on your wedding night!”

The “hymen” is designed to fix itself in place inside a woman’s body. It contains two cellulose skins injected with a sterile, freeze-dried blood powder made from bovine blood. When the membrane is pierced, the fake blood is released. The hymen then dissolves completely inside the body.

Two blood colors are available: cherry red, for the husband’s immediate edification on the wedding night, and red-brown, for relatives who inspect the sheets the next day. The VirginiaCare company even gives advice to women on how to act in order to fully convince their husbands that they are virgins.


Israel and Turkey Restore Diplomatic Relations

Israel and Turkey have just agreed to renew full diplomatic ties. Israel has been seeking to restore relations since the Mavi Marmara episode in May 2010, when Israeli naval commandos boarded a Turkish ship intending to break the maritime blockade of Gaza and killed 10 Turkish citizens after passengers opened fire and fought the Israeli forces. However, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected several overtures, until recently. Just this week Erdogan contended that rapprochement is crucial for the region. Further, to signal Anakara’s desire for good relations with the Jewish state, Turkey’s Jewish community lit a menorah during the first public celebration of Hanukkah in the history of the Turkish republic. And today Ankara and Jerusalem cut a deal.

The two countries will return their ambassadors. Israel will pay compensation to the families of the Gaza flotilla victims. Israel will sell gas to Turkey, an arrangement perhaps not possible before Thursday. An internal Israeli dispute had long tied up the natural gas sector, but earlier Thursday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a clause that cleared the way for the country’s nascent energy industry to go forward. Turkey is kicking out Hamas leader Saleh Arouri. The charges Turkey brought against IDF soldiers for the Mavi Marmara will be dropped. And Israel will sell gas to Turkey, which was accustomed to getting a large percentage of its energy needs met by Russia until the recent flare-ups between the two. Indeed, it is perhaps the fact this nuclear-armed power has now positioned itself on Erdogan’s border that focused his attention. Given the problems between Ankara and Moscow—the former downed a Russian jet two weeks ago, the latter opened fire on a Turkish ship earlier this week—and the possibility of a real shooting war, the prideful Erdogan can no longer afford to stiff-arm Israel.


UK: Socialist leader calls terror-linked mosque “wonderful community asset”

“Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran radical Socialist and leader of Britain’s Labour party has called for US Republican race frontrunner Donald Trump to join him at his favourite mosque to learn about multiculturalism.

Speaking in a sympathetic interview with the Huffington Post to mark 100 days of his leadership of the Labour party, Mr. Corbyn touched on a number of points, including the importance of political correctness, his desire to end the ‘special relationship’ with America, and Donald Trump. Inviting him to Finsbury Park, Mr. Corbyn selected one of the most controversial mosques in Britain, yet holding it up as a beacon of functional multiculturalism.

Mr. Corbyn, along with other hard left figures in Britain including George Galloway and Ken Livingstone is a vocal supporter of Islam, and this subject was broached when HP asked about Mr. Trump’s recent call for a hiatus on Muslim migration to the United States.

Responding to the unintentionally ironic petition that called for Britain to respond to Mr. Trump’s desire to ban individuals entering the United States by banning him from entering the United Kingdom, Mr. Corbyn struck a somewhat concilliatory note. He said: “I wouldn’t ban him from coming to the UK”.

Rather, he would invite him to Islington to see multiculturalism in action: “If Donald Trump wants to come to Britain, absolutely fine, he can come and join me in Finsbury Park mosque.


Father Gabriel Naddaf Denounces Palestinian Claims that Jesus Was a Palestinian

In response to repeated statements by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials that Jesus was a Palestinian, Israeli Christian leader Father Gabriel Naddaf denounced the claims on Facebook earlier this month.

“On what authority does President Abbas claim that Jesus was a Palestinian?” Naddaf wrote. “The Bible says that He was born in the Jewish city of Bethlehem to Jewish parents from the city of Nazareth and was circumcised on the 8th day as a Jew and presented to the Jewish Temple by His parents according to the Mosaic law.”

The PA has had a long-standing policy of rewriting history to undermine Jewish connections to the Land of Israel and to strengthen Palestinian and Arab claims to the land.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has documented this effort since 1998, when Al-Ayyam daily paper printed, “Dr. Yussuf Alzamili [Chairman History Department, Khan Yunis Educational College] called on all universities and colleges to write the history of Palestine and to guard it, and not to enable the [foreign] implants and enemies to distort it or to legitimize the existence of Jews on this land… [History lecturer Abu Amar] clarified that there is no connection between the ancient generation of Jews and the new generation.”