Active Pensioners

Two eighty year-old pensioners are taking a trip down memory lane by going back to the place where they first met.
Sitting at a cafe, the little old man says, “Remember the first time I met you over 50 years ago? We left this cafe, went round the corner behind the gas works, and I gave you the thrill of your life.”
“Why, yes, I remember it well, dear,” replies the little old lady with a grin.
“Well, for old time’s sake, let’s go there again, and I’ll do it again.”
The two pensioners pay their bill and leave the cafe. A young man sitting next to them had overheard the conversation and smiles to himself, thinking it would be quite amusing to see two old timers at it. He gets up and follows them. Sure enough, he sees the two pensioners near the gas works. The little old lady pulls off her knickers and lifts up her dress.
The old man pulls down his pants and grabs the lady’s hips, and the little old lady reaches for the fence. Well, what follows is 10 minutes of the most athletic love making the man has ever seen.  Limbs are flying everywhere, the movement is a blur, and they do not stop for a single second. Finally, they collapse and don’t move for an entire hour.
The young man is stunned. Never in his life has he ever seen anything that equates to this – not in the movies, not from his friends, not from his own experiences.

Reflecting on what he has just seen, he says to himself, “I have to know his secret. If only I could make love like that now, let alone in 50 years’ time!”
The two old pensioners have by this time recovered and dressed themselves.
 Plucking up courage, the man approaches the pensioner.
He says, “Sir, in all my life I have never seen anybody make love like that, particularly at your age! What’s your secret? Could you make love like that 50 years ago??”
The pensioner replies, “I don’t think so, son. 50 years ago, that fence wasn’t electrified!”

Stairway to Heaven~

DSC07549 (1)
I found the stairway to heaven!

It is in Melk Abbey in lower Austria.

The Benedictine Abbey was founded in the 12th century and is the oldest continuously operating school in Austria.
DSC07542 (1)
900 lucky co-educational pupils attend school here.
The Abbey over looks the The Danube River,
DSC07560 (1)

and the medieval town of Melk which was the center of intellectual life in Austria in the middle ages.


It is off the beaten tourist path in November and is a wonderful place to explore.


Melk is in the Wachau Valley section of The Danube River which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
DSC07551 (1)
Cheers to you from the stunning Wachau Valley~

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Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded “Virginity Tests”

October 7: TV4’s popular investigative journalism TV program, Cold Facts (Kalla Fakta), revealed that public health centers in areas with high immigrant populations perform so-called “virginity tests” on young girls. The practice was exposed when three young women of Middle Eastern descent were equipped with hidden cameras and sent undercover to three health centers. Another person, posing as the girls’ aunt, insisted on “virginity tests.” The doctors (several of whom were immigrants) ignored the loud protests from the girls, and examined them against their will. The doctors also offered, for a cash bribe, to issue “virginity certificates” for the girls.


Advance copy of Obama’s Sunday address on the San Bernardino killings


This advance copy of President Obama’s Sunday evening address to the nation was provided by my confidential informant, the Very Honorable and Highly Reliable I.M. Totus, the Teleprompter of the United States.



My Fellow Muslims Americans, we live in difficult times. We must wrestle constantly with blasphemous, and therefore false, Islamophobic assertions such as that devout Muslims slaughtered innocents in Paris and more recently in California. I shall continue to pursue with all possible vigor the perpetrators of such Islamophobic speech and thought, which I recently declared felony-grade hate crimes.

Sadly, many innocents who shouldn’t be dead now are. [Rub eyes with handkerchief to feign grief.] However, assertions that they were killed by devout Muslims have no basis in fact or logic. We need common sense gun control, not Muslim control, because those innocents were murdered by guns, not by Muslims.

Unlike Muslims, Guns have minds of their own and…

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How Should Israel Handle The PA Impending Disintegration?

Beyond the Cusp

The rumblings have been echoing for some time punctuated every so often with the threats by Mahmoud Abbas to close up the Palestinian Authority (PA) shop and give the keys to Netanyahu shrilly echoing for days as the United States State Department, Secretary of State, European Union Foreign Minister (strange how Federica Mogherini was a change of face from Lady Catherine Ashton but absolutely no policy alteration at all) and other various politicians and heads of state all of whom panic at any threat Abbas iterates as they shiver in fear of the unknown. The latest signal that Abbas is either losing his grasp on the PA leadership or is intentionally shattering it smashing its withering remains in shots at Israel hoping the resulting reactions allow all blame to be once again laid at Israel’s door as the world cannot permit the PA to fail as that will end their…

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Lord Weidenfeld, the Jews, and help for Christians

Winton’s actions have inspired the prominent British publisher, philanthropist, and lifelong Zionist George Weidenfeld to organize a project on a new rescue mission.

Weidenfeld himself, born in a cosmopolitan Jewish family in Vienna in 1919, had been aided, as a penniless refugee in London in 1938 after escaping the Nazis in Austria, by members of the Christian group, the Plymouth Brethren, who had transported many other Jews in areas under Nazi control.

Weidenfeld, now 96, is a figure larger than life. He has had an extraordinary career, starting as a political commentator, acting as chief of cabinet of the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, cofounding a major publishing house, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, receiving many British and foreign honors, and being appointed a peer, a member of the House of Lords, in 1976.

Weidenfeld is now repaying a debt to the Christian community. Essentially, the Weidenfeld Fund plans to rescue 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi Christians who are suffering from the unprecedented primitive savagery and the lust and sadism of ISIS.

The project and the rescue effort has been helped by the UK Jewish National Fund, and by Martin Green, the Jewish philanthropist who is chairman of the Weidenfeld Fund which is also concerned with promoting better relations between Christians and Jews.


Do Palestinian Workers Suffer Under Israeli Rule?


Palestinian workers suffer under Israeli rule.


Israel’s detractors attempt to portray the lives of Palestinians under Israeli rule as hell on earth to win international sympathy and justify their one-sided demands for Israel’s virtual surrender, but the reality is shockingly different. Most people would probably be even more astonished to learn that those terrible Israeli settlements, which Palestinian and international leaders blame for the absence of peace, as well as the unrelated turmoil in the region, employ thousands of Palestinians.

A 2014 survey funded by the European Union for the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics found that more than 100,000 Palestinians were working in Israel, 20,200 of whom were employed by settlements. Palestinians also work side by side Israelis in 14 industrial parks with 788 factories in the West Bank.

These Palestinian workers also are paid more than double the wage of Palestinians working in the areas of the West Bank controlled by the Palestinian Authority and three times the amount paid workers earn in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.


Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

David Cameron is visiting Poland today as part of his European renegotiation tour, and is ratcheting up his rhetoric on how likely a British exit could be if he doesn’t get what he wants. The migrant crisis and the economic travails of the Eurozone make voters think “oh Christ, push Europe away from me, it’s bringing me problems’”, the Prime Minister told the Spectator. Following talks with Romania’s president yesterday, he said that the rate of net migration in the UK was “not sustainable”, and that EU member states need to show “flexibility” in meeting his concerns.

So is the Conservative leader seriously flirting with the Brexit door? Not quite yet. He has consistently made a point of not ruling out advocating Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and he is trying to sound like he might seriously consider Brexit, after attacking the idea on a trip to Iceland. However, Eurosceptics would point out that his insistence to the Spectator that “the longer term reaction” among Britons to Europe’s problems is to say “let’s make sure our relationship with them works” suggests he is determined to stay in, no matter how the renegotiation goes. Tough sounding rhetoric won’t satisfy the Tory Outters, who still see the renegotiation as a public “charade”, with a big fuss kicked up over “trivial” demands.

In the meantime, European leaders are digging in over Cameron’s welfare demands, with European Council president Donald Tusk saying said that every EU country is “against” his plans to stop EU migrants claiming benefits in the UK for four years. Cameron’s team had prepared a compromise, according to the Times, but withdrew it amid concerns over how it would be forced. Poland is one of Cameron’s fiercest critics over his welfare proposals, with the Prime Minister expecting a tough reception when he arrives in Warsaw later today. “It’s too early to talk about compromise,” Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told the Telegraph. “The Poles are clear, they will not be humiliated or victimised over this,” one EU diplomat said.

As EU leaders hope to reach a deal in February, the gloomy verdicts keep coming, with Tusk warning MEPs: “Cameron will not be satisfied one hundred per cent, that’s for sure”. Is this a game of expectations management, so Cameron can return to Britain with his demands eventually met, and celebrate them as a triumph? If so, will voters agree?

“The short term reaction can be get me out of here, the longer term reaction is we must find a better way of working with our partners.”

Pressure Builds On Feldman
Lord Feldman of Elstree, the Conservative chairman, could have to give evidence on oath about the ‘Tatler Tory’ bullying scandal after the father of an activist who apparently killed himself said he would mount a legal action against the party. Ray Johnson, the father of Elliott Johnson who died in September, said he was building a case for a legal action against the Conservative party, which could lead to a private prosecution for corporate manslaughter.

Corbyn Under Fire
Jeremy Corbyn is being urged by one of his most prominent supporters, Peter Tatchell, to disown the Stop the War coalition, the movement he used to chair. The human rights activist told the Independent that it had “lost its moral compass and authority”. Meanwhile, Labour peer Lord Lipsey has dismissed Corbyn’s consultation of party members over air strikes in Syria as “statistical junk”.

Trump Scolds British Politicians
Donald Trump has hit back at British politicians in a row over his call to ban Muslims from coming to America, telling them that they “should be thanking me instead of pandering to political correctness”. Trump’s “inflammatory pronouncements will make it harder, not easier, to take the tough decisions needed to stamp out terrorism,” Allister Heath warns in today’s paper.

Carmichael Cleared
Alistair Carmichael has claimed he was the victim of a politically-motivated “nationalist” plot to oust him from Westminster after a court cleared him of breaking electoral law. “Whenever politicians face judgment, it must come from the ballot box, not the courts,” we say.

iPads for Prisoners
Prisoners are to be given iPads in order to improve their rehabilitation by allowing them to have training and use Skype to speak to their families from their cells. Sir Martin Narey, the former prison service chief, told the Times: “Prisoners spend a lot of time in cells, and we need to make that time more constructive.”

Eagle Soars At PMQs
Labour MPs appeared the most upbeat in a PMQs since Jeremy Corbyn took over the leadership, after Angela Eagle, the shadow business secretary, stood in for the Labour leader during an appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions. “Mr Corbyn is dour, irritable and doggedly slow, droning his questions like a censorious vacuum cleaner,” Michael Deacon writes. “Ms Eagle, by contrast, was quick and witty, eyes glittering with mischief, voice wickedly deadpan. Her putdowns were like pear drops, sharp and tart.”

Snooper’s Charter Shrewsbury Threat
Labour has threatened to oppose Government plans to help the police and security services track down terrorists unless ministers release papers relating to the so-called Shrewsbury 24. The Shrewsbury 24 were arrested five months after the 1972 building workers’ strike and charged under the 1875 Conspiracy Act, with six sent to prison.

Councils Complain About FoI
Councils, hospitals and other public bodies have been accused of “hyperbole” after claiming that the cost of responding to freedom of information requests risks diverting money from essential services. Local authorities are calling for the introduction of fees for handling requests which include the salary, pay and perks of senior executives.

Spy Toys
Britain’s intelligence agencies could take over children’s toys and use them to spy on suspects, MPs have been told. Antony Walker of techUK said that anything connected to the Internet could “in theory” be hacked into remotely.