Extracting Secrets

At school, Little Johnny’s classmate tells him that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret, so it’s very easy to blackmail them by saying, “I know the whole truth.”
Little Johnny decides to go home and try it out.
Johnny’s mother greets him at home, and he tells her, “I know the whole truth.” His mother quickly hands him $20 and says, “Just don’t tell your father.”
Quite pleased, the boy waits for his father to get home from work, and greets him with, “I know the whole truth.” The father promptly hands him $40 and says, “Please don’t say a word to your mother.” 
Very pleased, the boy is on his way to school the next day when he sees the mailman at his front door. The boy greets him by saying, “I know the whole truth.”
The mailman immediately drops the mail, opens his arms, and says,Finally! Now come give your old man a great big hug!

How Should Israel Answer Her Challenges?

Beyond the Cusp

The first step to answering challenges is to recognize they exist. We can accept that Israel and her people recognize there are challenges. Many have even figured that these challenges come from several different fronts. So the first task would be to identify the biggest challenge facing Israel in these times. The interesting thing is that we will usually run into the problem, every group had their own pet peeve and thus are working to gobble up as much of the funds, support and attention as possible as their primary function and addressing their particular challenge comes in as their second largest priority, this has got to change. Zionists, both secular and religious and those of us in between, need to unify and work on the only item of any real importance, establishing Jewish roots in every inch of our lands and do it to such an extent that the…

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Diversity training will bring peace through submission, Insha’Obama


Our most prestigious universities now require diversity training for everyone coddled by un-Islamic aberrations based on Christian, Jewish, sexist and white privilege. Obama, bravely leading as always from the front, will follow them to combat Islamophobic speech and thought which He recently decreed to be felonies.

During His Thanksgiving address this year, Obama likened the current crop of Syrian and other Islamic refugees to the Pilgrims who came to America many years ago.

This Thanksgiving, President Obama is calling for Americans to lend a helping hand to another group of pilgrims fleeing persecution.

“Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families,” Obama said in his weekly address Thursday. “What makes America America is that we offer that chance.”




Note: Although…

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How Can Anyone Be Shocked?

The West, especially Europe, continues to be taken aback every time a new terror attack occurs, as if each one were the first.

“We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law.” — From a leaked German intelligence document.

The current generation of European political leaders has exhibited an irresponsibility and lack of leadership that is almost infantile.


Understanding Syria: Whose Side Are We on, Anyway?

The White House and the Kremlin are currently working in parallel toward a common objective in Syria: cutting off support to Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime by closing the Turkish-Syrian border. What makes this situation confusing, even to many reporters and commentators, is that it is being promoted as an effort to “fight ISIS.” The irony is that, to achieve his goals, Vladimir Putin is using both ISIS as well as a U.S.-supported, anti-Turkish Kurdish group.

It is no secret that Russia entered Syria to support the country’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad. As a result, Putin has shown very little interest in fighting ISIS, which has allied militarily and economically with Assad against other rebel groups, which it seeks to destroy. As a result, clashes between Assad and ISIS have been very limited. Instead, they have ganged up against these rebels in what often seems like coordinated offensives. Russia’s own military operations have almost entirely targeted Turkish-backed rebel factions in northwestern Syria, which oppose ISIS, and which had achieved success in driving out Assad’s forces from Idlib province earlier in the spring. Russia’s immediate military goal is to roll back those gains.

Weapons and logistical support flow to the anti-Assad rebels from staging points in Turkey. In order to cut off support to the rebels, the Russians baited the Turks by violating their airspace last month, despite repeated warnings to stay out. The stunt resulted in the downing of a Russian Sukhoi fighter jet. However, the Russians immediately used the incident to pursue a multi-pronged attack on Turkish allies and interests in northern Syria and on Turkey itself, in what increasingly seems like a deliberate trap in which the Turks are now caught.


Instead of grieving our dead, “Muslim Americans fear demonization of Islam after mass shooting”

American Muslims for the umpteenth time are wailing about a fear of [non-existent] reprisals. The blood of American Christians and Jews is still on the floor and the walls of a Christmas party, and they are playing the victim. How savage.

Why aren’t American Muslims mourning our dead? Why aren’t American Muslims using their money and influence to call for an “enlightenment” in Islam, a purge of the Quran and Islamic texts and teachings that call for jihad and genocide?

Obama, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, the media (just look at these articles) — are all groveling before Islam, scrubbing and mopping up after this latest jihad attack, and still it’s not enough. Devout Muslims slaughtered innocent Americans at a Christmas party, and now comes the second wave of the attack — charges of racism (Islam is not a race) and Islamofauxbia.


Ottawa Public Library book tells Muslims in West to be at war with host country

“Are Muslims who live in Canada living in a state of war with their host country? Should they see other Canadians as the enemy?

The Ottawa Public Library (St. Laurent Branch) is currently holding books by Mohamed el-Ghazali, one of the most extreme of Islamcist [sic] writers who preaches violence and hate towards non-Muslims and Muslims who do not live according to his extremist view of Islam.

One of the books has the title “One Hundred Questions about Islam.” The book has several insights such as:

If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country.

If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.

Only a caliphate is an acceptable form of government.

If you kill the takfir (non-Muslim/apostate) then you will go to paradise.

Women cannot work. Nor can they leave the home without permission.

You must kill those Muslims who leave the faith.

Christians have no rights and cannot be allowed to construct churches etc.”