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John Kerry Spins a Fantasy About the Palestinians

Secretary of State John Kerry’s assertion that the Palestinian Arabs are in a “very dire situation” is not only absurd, but also very revealing — about the fantasies that guide the Obama Administration’s Middle East policy.

After emerging from a meeting with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas on November 24, Kerry declared: “I know that the situation for Palestinians in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, in Gaza is, at this moment, very dire, that there are extraordinary concerns, obviously, about the violence.”

“Dire”? Is he kidding or just ill-informed? When was the last time Secretary Kerry read his briefings on even the most basic information about conditions among the Palestinians?


Nonie Darwish: Perverted Islamic Feminism

Many in the West are hopeful that Islam will undergo a reformation at the hands of Muslim women. That it is just a matter of time before Muslim women will wise up, figure out what must be done, and stand together in unity to march for their equality and human rights. That’s what happened with non-Muslim feminists in the West, so why not in the Middle East?

The answer is complicated, but unlike Western feminists, who had no legal obstacles and who became media and popular culture darlings, Muslim women are facing an impossible task: legal, religious, constitutional and cultural obstacles. Muslim women not only reject a Western-style feminist rebellion, but also never took any opportunity, even during the Arab Spring, to carry signs stating “End Sharia’s oppression of Women,” or “equal rights under the law for women.”

It is puzzling and inexplicable for the West to see Muslim women defending Sharia and Islam and even taking pride in wearing the Islamic head cover. Muslim women are not ashamed, and do not feel that they must explain their to silence regarding the rape of non-Muslim women and women of a different sects of Islam by Muslim men.


Independent publishes op-ed accusing #Israel of “extra-judicial executions”

Amena Saleem is Media and Communications Officer at Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) – a radical anti-Israel organisation in the news recently after a British bank closed the accounts of 20 groups linked to PSC amid fears they may be funding terrorism.

Saleem, who has used her column at Electronic Intifada and social media sites like Facebook to charge Israel with intentionally killing children, recently has been advancing propaganda suggesting that Israeli security personnel have been “summarily executing” innocent Palestinian teens.


Abbas and the Trail of Tears To and From the United Nations

Beyond the Cusp

Mahmoud Abbas, the self-appointed Emperor of the Palestinians, has once again come to the United Nations sobbing his people’s story of woe and demanding that the United Nations immediately provide them with recognition of statehood and simultaneously demand Israel remove every trace of their existence, remove her security and military presence everywhere beyond the Green Line. He is also demanding the United Nations send forces to protect his ‘nation’ from Israeli aggressions. It is the same old demand being recycled demanding that the General Assembly insist that the Security Council set a deadline of one year for negotiations to be completed and a treaty reached between Israel and his Palestinian Authority settling the borders, responsibilities and whatever else such that a Palestinian State be set into motion or else the United Nations enforce his maximalist demands for a settlement on Israel. Again we have Abbas demanding Israel negotiate with a…

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On Islamophobia

“Hate crimes.” “Hate speech.” Discrimination. Bigotry. Racism. “Islalmophobia.” The lexicon of pro-Islam and pro-“Syrian” immigration is large and loathsome.

For an extended discussion of the term’s origin, see Robert Spencer’s August 2012 Jihad Watch column, “Did the Muslim Brotherhood Invent the term ‘Islamophobia’?” Spencer’s argument about the term’s origins is at odds with the account given by Discover the Networks.

Whatever its true origins, the term Islamophobia is a pejorative term used to describe a state of mind. That state of mind is not necessarily irrational but the term is intended to smear anyone who has or has expressed a rational and wholly justified fear of Islam and even of Muslims in general (the most humble-looking, innocuous-looking ones often turn out to be the slashers, the shooters, the killers and wannabe killers; observe the knifing jihad in Israel). Islamophobia may or may not result in action taken by the “phobist.” The term has become synonymous with “hate speech” and racism. If you are an Islamophobe, then you are automatically a racist and a bigot and a vehicle of hate who ought to be gagged and fined and made to perform community service. Michael Sturzenberger is only the latest Austrian to be charged and found guilty of “hate speech.”


Cameron on secret weapons, Draghi on El Nino, & Erdogan on the take

The Slog.

sopwithDavid Cameron’s dramatic success in convincing former surrender-monkey Jihadist-hugging MPs that they should vote in favour of five plucky airborne British Sopwith Camels dropping Standard Fireworks thrupenny bangers on ISIL forces in Syria was based on an emotional last-minute appeal, The Slog can now reveal.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday evening broke with tradition to share top secret information with lobby-fodder legislators by revealing the  hitherto top secret real reason why – in his role as Lord High Protector of England and not forgetting the Jocks and Taffies – he could not live with himself ever again if he didn’t use all five hand-crafted British Made top secret bangers as “the only way left to bring ISIL to its knees”.
“After detailed discussions with M,” he told gawping MPs in a uniquely in camera session, “I have decided to share with you all what only our world class military…

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