Did Mahmoud Abbas Ever Turn Down a Peace Offer From Israel?


Mahmoud Abbas never turned down a peace offer from Israel.


Throughout Myths & Facts we have documented the long sad history of how the Palestinians have repeatedly missed opportunities for independence because their leaders have either been short-sighted, politically weak or simply disinterested in any agreement that would not lead to the destruction of Israel. These chances began as early as the 1937 Peel Plan and include the 1939 British White Paper, the 1947 partition resolution, the 19 years of Jordanian and Egyptian occupation, the Camp David Accords autonomy offer, the Oslo agreements, the 2000 Clinton parameters and, most recently, the 2008 Olmert-Abbas negotiations.

It is easy to demonstrate how the Palestinians squandered each opportunity for statehood, but much harder to find evidence of a Palestinian leader willing to take responsibility for the failure to win independence for his people. Yasser Arafat, responsible for most of the Palestinians’ misfortune went to his grave convinced he would one day liberate Palestine from the Jews without reaching any peace agreement.


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