Rise Above It

The nurse asked a patient to remove his clothing and put on a gown to be checked by the doctor.
“In..in front of you?” He mumbles, shy.
The nurse says: “Don’t worry, I’ve seen the naked human body before. The man said, “Not one like mine. You’d die laughing at my naked body.”
“Of course I won’t  laugh!” said the Nurse to the patient, “I’m a  professional. In  over twenty years I’ve never laughed at a  patient.”
“Okay  then,” said the patient, and he proceeded to  drop  his trousers, revealing a huge male body with the smallest adult male organ the Nurse had ever seen in her life. In length and width it was almost identical to a AAA battery.
nurseUnable to control  herself, the Nurse tried to stop a giggle, but it just came  out.
And  then she started laughing at the fact that she was laughing.  Feeling very badly that she had laughed at the man’s private  part,  she composed herself as well  as she could. 
“I am  so sorry,” she said, “I  don’t know what came over me. On  my honor  as a Nurse and a lady, I promise that it won’t happen again. Now, tell me, what seems”It’s swollen,” Bob replied.
She ran out of the room. 
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Please send me, as a comment to this page, any old material you have for inclusion in The Daily Joke Alert - to help enable us all to have our fancy tickled regularly! Never mind the state it's in as I tidy everything up prior to publication. Don't let good material go to waste - and so much does. In the interests of the environment we should always try to re-cycle everything, especially jokes. You know that makes sense! You may find some historical stuff here, but this does not really matter as humor is fairly timeless.

2 thoughts on “Rise Above It

  1. funny…but I kinda think we should stop making fun of guys with small dicks (unless we laugh equally at guys making fun of women with flat chests or something). Unless they’re Trump – then go for your life.

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