Israel Versus the Universe; Almost

Beyond the Cusp

When one researches the various campaigns against Israel, violent attacks against Israelis, political assaults on Israel, hearings over offensive acts by Israel, and court filings of wrong-doings by Israel are sufficient in quantity that it certainly feels like it is not just Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way are against Israel but actually as if the entire universe, the entirety of the results from the Big Bang (represented below because we like this picture) lining up against Israel such that almost nothing takes the side of Israel except the One that counts for more than everything else, Hashem who works in mysterious and unknown ways which sometimes can be frustrating for Israel and Israelis. One article is completely beyond our ability to research in under a decade and more than anybody would care to read through on their lunch break or wherever our friends read BTC. So we will…

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Abbas begs UN for special protection

PA chairman asks global community for ‘special regime’ to ‘protect’ Palestinians – despite ongoing Palestinian terrorist campaign.

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas called Wednesday in Geneva for the creation of a “special regime” for the protection of his people, despite the fact that it is the Palestinian Arabs – not Israelis – carrying out a wave of terrorist attacks in Israel over the past month.

Abbas called on the UN, “more urgently than any time before, to set up a special regime for international protection for the Palestinian people, immediately and urgently.”

“Israel acts as a state above the law, undeterred, unpunished and without accountability,” he charged, echoing comments made by the Hamas politiburo earlier this week.

“I have warned for years of the consequences of what has been happening in Jerusalem and its surroundings.”