Israel Versus the Universe; Almost

Beyond the Cusp

When one researches the various campaigns against Israel, violent attacks against Israelis, political assaults on Israel, hearings over offensive acts by Israel, and court filings of wrong-doings by Israel are sufficient in quantity that it certainly feels like it is not just Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way are against Israel but actually as if the entire universe, the entirety of the results from the Big Bang (represented below because we like this picture) lining up against Israel such that almost nothing takes the side of Israel except the One that counts for more than everything else, Hashem who works in mysterious and unknown ways which sometimes can be frustrating for Israel and Israelis. One article is completely beyond our ability to research in under a decade and more than anybody would care to read through on their lunch break or wherever our friends read BTC. So we will…

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Abbas begs UN for special protection

PA chairman asks global community for ‘special regime’ to ‘protect’ Palestinians – despite ongoing Palestinian terrorist campaign.

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas called Wednesday in Geneva for the creation of a “special regime” for the protection of his people, despite the fact that it is the Palestinian Arabs – not Israelis – carrying out a wave of terrorist attacks in Israel over the past month.

Abbas called on the UN, “more urgently than any time before, to set up a special regime for international protection for the Palestinian people, immediately and urgently.”

“Israel acts as a state above the law, undeterred, unpunished and without accountability,” he charged, echoing comments made by the Hamas politiburo earlier this week.

“I have warned for years of the consequences of what has been happening in Jerusalem and its surroundings.”


The Causes of Terrorism


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Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

The government avoided defeat in the House of Lords for the second time in 24 hours as peers narrowly failed to back a motion that would have blocked changes to reforms of the electoral register, but the defeat peers inflicted on Monday over tax credit cuts has given it more than enough to work with. Jeremy Corbyn will undoubtedly do his best to remind David Cameron about the embarrassment at PMQs today.

Lord Strathclyde has been tasked with chairing a“rapid review” ordered by the Prime Minister to ensure the financial plans can’t be similarly disrupted in the future. William Hague (or, to give his new title, Lord Hague of Richmond), has written in today’s paper suggesting the 1911 Parliament Act could be extended to prevent peers voting down financial matters put in secondary legislation. Alternatively, he suggests that ministers could legislate to make sure the “supremacy of the Commons on matters of finance is an overriding principle of law”. Back in 1999, Lord Strathclyde, then Opposition leader of the House, spoke about the convention that “the Opposition should not vote against the secondary legislation of the Government”, saying: “I declare this convention dead”. The Tory peer will have to find something new, and more robust, to replace it with.

So where does that leave George Osborne’s tax credit cuts, now peers have derailed them? The Chancellor didn’t rule out reducing the size of the cuts under questioning from MPs yesterday, but any easing up has knock-on consequences, as he may have to revise down his target of delivering a £10bn budget surplus by 2019-2020 The government seems to be preparing to take its foot off the austerity pedal, with a ‘senior source’ telling the Guardian that Osborne had given himself “wriggle room” in his original plans so he could divert money towards “lessening” the impact of tax credit cuts. The Chancellor did this before the election, revising down his predicted budget surplus for the end of the decade from £23bn to £7bn. Osborne’s goal remains fiscal prudence, but some may wonder, will there be a surplus to deliver by 2020?

Critics of the tax credit cuts may be celebrating Osborne’s defeat, but those on the Tory benches can’t be too relaxed, as he still has to find the savings in his spending review. “MPs who were elected in May on a promise to reduce the cost of benefits and who have voted this measure through are now getting cold feet,” we note this morning. “George Osborne – hailed as a hero just a few weeks ago – is now the target for behind-hand mutterings of how he has messed up the presentation and the tactics”. Despite the furore, a recent YouGov poll found that 37% of voters backed the tax credit cuts, while 37% said they should be cancelled. Nearly half of those in support (16%) said they put aside their concerns “given the deficit and the need to cut spending”. Osborne’s doubters may want to bear this in mind.

“The end goal is clear, this country cannot have an unlimited welfare budget that squeezes out other spending.”

Land Of Nope (And No Glory)
Britain being outside the European Union will not be a “land of milk and honey”, could cost the country hundreds of millions of pounds and may not cut immigration, David Cameron will warn today. Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has called on Europe to take on Australia’s border security policies or risk “catastrophic error” by following its instinct to “love our neighbour”.

Welcome To The Jez-CR
Jeremy Corbyn has turned Ed Miliband’s old parliamentary office into a “comfy University-style common room” where aides can relax and brainstorm, according to Labour sources. Meanwhile, Dame Diana Rigg, who plays Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, has told Radio Times that Jeremy Corbyn “needs his bottom spanking” after failing to sing the anthem during a Battle of Britain memorial service. “He drives me mad”, the actress added.

Then I Saw The Facts, I’m A Believer
Andrea Leadsom, the energy and climate change minister, has admitted asking whether climate change was real after she was appointed to the job.

Goodwill Hunting (For Answers)
Volkswagen is facing an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office over the diesel emissions scandal, transport minister Robert Goodwill has disclosed.

Boris’ Big Pull
London Mayor Boris Johnson couldn’t take the strain as he took a tumble while taking part in a tug of war with members of the armed services to launch the London Poppy Day outside City Hall. You can watch his tumble here.

Extreme Measures
New powers to tackle Islamist extremism on campus will lead to universities banning non-Muslim speakers like Nigel Farage and Germaine Greer in efforts to demonstrate impartiality, causing “bland and uncontroversial” views to prevail, Vince Cable has warned.

Your Call Isn’t Important To Us
A Scottish household has been subjected to a “barrage” of nuisance calls with more than 2,000 blocked in just four months, MPs have heard.

Amid Violence, Doctors in Jerusalem Offer a Narrative of Hope

In the afternoon of Monday, October 12, a 13-year-old Jewish boy was riding his bike in Pisgat Ze’ev, an Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, when two Palestinian boys, cousins aged 13 and 15, stabbed him. The 13-year-old assailant, Ahmed Manasra, was run over by a car as he tried to escape; his cousin was shot dead by Israeli police after stabbing a 25-year-old Jewish bystander. Both injured parties—the 13-year-old Jewish boy and his 13-year-old assailant—were taken to Hadassah Medical Center at Jerusalem’s Mt. Scopus Hospital and in Ein Kerem, respectively—to be treated for their injuries.

On Monday, The Washington Post published a follow-up story about the doctors who treated both 13-year-old boys, who are currently in recovery. In a twist, it turns out that the doctors who treated the Israeli victim are a duo named “Bert and Ernie” or “Fried and Eid.” His anesthesiologist was Palestinian, too:

Ahmed Eid, 65, is a Muslim from the Galilee village of Dabburiya. Elchanan Fried, 41, is a Jew from Petah Tikva in central Israel. They both live in West Jerusalem.

Eid wears green scrubs and a scrub cap. Fried wears green scrubs and a knitted kippa. Eid is the head of surgery at Hadassah University Hospital in Mount Scopus. Fried is the head of the Intensive Care Unit.