Why the EU and UN Despise Israel?

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Why do the European Union and the United Nations and so many others hate Israel? It is obvious, it did not fail. When the victorious powers of World War I decided to include forming a Jewish State in the ancient homelands of the Jews, they fully expected to be able to send all their Jews to this land where nobody had succeeded in forming a viable state. Not the Greeks, not the Romans, not the Byzantines, not any of the different Islamic rulers and thus it was expected the Jews would meet a similar fate. The expectation was the Jews would meet misery and hopelessness and surrender and need to beg the rest of the world to allow them to return to their subservience and being a kept people who lived at the mercy and generosity of others. After the Holocaust the Western World did feel the guilt for not…

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BBC portrayal of Pisgat Ze’ev terror attack focuses on politicised geography

BBC Watch

BBC News website reporting of the terror attacks which took place in Israel on October 12th appeared in an article currently headlined “Jerusalem attacks: Israelis wounded in fresh stabbings” which was updated and retitled throughout the day as news of more attacks broke.Pisgat Zeev attacks report

Among the four attacks which took place on that day in Jerusalem was one in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighbourhood.

“A 13-year-old Jewish boy from Pisgat Ze’ev is in critical condition Monday after being stabbed nearly a dozen times by two teenage Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, marking the third terrorist attack in the capital in six hours.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the attack took place at approximately 3 p.m., when a 13-year-old Palestinian and a 17-year-old Palestinian armed with knives attacked the Jewish boy while he was riding his bicycle.

“Both terrorists stabbed the boy many times all over his body…

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Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out

German authorities are applying heavy-handed tactics to find housing for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees pouring into the country from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

With existing shelters filled to capacity, federal, state and local authorities are now using legally and morally dubious measures — including the expropriation of private property and the eviction of German citizens from their homes — to make room for the newcomers.

German taxpayers are also being obliged to make colossal economic sacrifices to accommodate the influx of migrants, many of whom have no prospect of ever finding a job in the country. Sustaining the 800,000 migrants and refugees who are expected to arrive in Germany in 2015 will cost taxpayers at least at least 11 billion euros ($12 billion) a year for years to come.

As the migration crisis intensifies, and Germans are waking up to the sheer scale of the economic, financial and social costs they will expected to bear in the years ahead, anger is brewing.


UNRWA Teachers Continue Glorifying Palestinian Terror on Facebook, in Spite of Complaints

Pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon, who serves as a watchdog for antisemitic and anti-Zionist activity on social media, this week uncovered two cases of U.N.-employed teachers posting artwork “romanticizing the wave of stabbings by Arabs of Jews in Israel recently.”

In the first instance, highlighted by Elder on Sunday, Lebanese teacher Hiba M. Miari, who apparently is an instructor for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), as well as for Beirut Arab University, updated her cover image to include a cartoon of a man in typical Palestinian demonstrator garb — a plain, long-sleeved shirt and black-and-white Yasser Arafat keffiyeh worn as a balaclava — strumming a serrated knife as if it were a violin with an elongated antique key.


Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

“There will be tough choices this autumn,” George Osborne warned Conservatives at their party conference last week, and this morning we have a sense of how his cabinet colleagues are feeling about that. The Chancellor wants ministers to make £20 billion worth of cuts for his post-election spending review, but several of them are putting up a fight. Philip Hammond and Iain Duncan Smith have refused to submit proposals to the Treasury for how they would slash as much as 40% off their budgets, while Theresa May is reportedly refusing to agree to huge cuts. Amber Rudd and Nicky Morgan have also raised concerns.

The standoff shows how tough Osborne’s austerity mission will be, as under the current plans submitted by ministers, total public spending is set to rise in real terms. This is because of the Chancellor’s commitment to keep the defence budget at 2% of GDP as well as protecting NHS, foreign aid and some education spending. Osborne will risk ridicule if he presents such plans as “restraint”, so he will either have to reach a compromise with them or cut even more off other departments – like Justice and Business. Sajid Javid and Michael Gove are already said to be “enthusiastically” preparing their departments for Osborne’s cutter.

Labour is having its own difficulties with austerity, after John McDonnell ditched a promise made two weeks ago to support the government’s proposed legal commitment to balance the nation’s books. This U-turn, Osborne said, showed Labour had “lurched from chaos to incredibility”. The Shadow Chancellor initially backed it, telling the Guardian it would prove he and Jeremy Corbyn were “not deficit deniers”, and was applauded by Left-wing commentators for calling Osborne’s bluff. But now, he has pledged that Labour MPs will vote against the measure to prove it was “anti-austerity party”.

Chris Leslie, McDonnell’s predecessor was far from impressed on the Today programme this morning, warning that Labour needed to be “clear and consistent” on the Budget surplus. Another Labour moderate, Chuka Umunna, has shown colleagues how to offer a clear critique of Osborne’s budget surplus legislation, using his own words against him in the Independent to mock his “vacuous stunt”. McDonnell tried to explain his change to Labour MPs on Monday night, but his reception may be best summarised by Ben Bradshaw – who branded the gathering a “total f***ing shambles”.

“The cuts in business and justice are going to be huge. Sajid and Michael are very keen to please the Chancellor” Whitehall source.

EU Should Be Happy
Voters should “welcome” mass migration from Europe and current numbers of people coming to work in Britain are not too high, the new head of the In campaign has said. If David Cameron wants to stop Britain leaving the EU, Philip Johnston says he’ll need to get a good deal soon. “The longer he waits, the more the country might be persuaded to take a deep breath – and jump,” he warns in today’s paper.

High Fidelity
Cannabis should be decriminalised because Queen Victoria used cannabis “to relieve menstrual pain”, a former Tory minister has suggested. Meanwhile, the Independent reports on private Treasury analysis that found legalising cannabis would raise hundreds of millions of pounds in extra taxes and produce large savings for the criminal justice system.

Watson: Sorry Not Sorry
A defiant Tom Watson has stepped up his attacks on the memory of Leon Brittan, insisting that there was “more to the case” and he had nothing to apologise for. “He could have said so while acknowledging the distress he’d caused Lady Brittan,” noted Michael Deacon. “He didn’t even mention her.”

Saudi Outrage
A cabinet row has broken out between Michael Gove and Philip Hammond after the Justice Secretary demanded that a £5.9 million deal with Saudi Arabia be scrapped over concerns about its human rights record, the Times reports. This comes as the family of UK pensioner Karl Andree – who was jailed for homebrewing wine in Saudi Arabia – has begged David Cameron to save him from being given 350 lashes, the Sun reports, as they fear the punishment could kill him.

Privy Deal
Jeremy Corbyn will demand to be made a Privy Counsellor so he can receive intelligence briefings about any pressing security issues, Chris Hope has learned. Here is our compilation of all of Corbyn’s awkward moments so far.

Scotland Yard has removed the permanent police guard from outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where they have based since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange took refuge there in June 2012. A Domino’s delivery man later turned up with a piza for “J. Assange”, however Wikileaks furiously denied on Twitter that it was for him.