Ruins and Remains of Peace Process After General Assembly

Beyond the Cusp

The speeches given at the General Assembly are said, recorded and hashed out in the press with Abbas having the biggest implications while Netanyahu used some serious drama unveiling the reality and truth behind the Obama surrender to Iran on their nuclear drive to weapons status. The Iranian aim is not just atomic bombs but thermonuclear hydrogen bombs with all the sophistication of Russia, China or the United States. Netanyahu then followed his brilliance with a complete and worthless ending addressing the moribund peace process which had already been nullified by Abbas in his speech. Abbas basically felt secure enough with the backing of the United Nations, European Union and the United States, European Union plus numerous other nations, NGOs, and political commentators backing his claims to at the very least being gifted all of the lands beyond the Green Line including all of the Temple Mount, the Old City…

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Time to Dismantle the UN Human Rights Council

Like it or not, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is a big flop. It does not care a fig for what it is supposed to do: promote and protect human rights in general, and freedom of association, assembly, expression, belief and religion, sexual preference and women’s rights and the rights of racial and ethnic minorities in particular.

The past record of the UNHRC shows it has overlooked rights violations in a large part of the world in general and the Middle East in particular. The UNHRC has notoriously been obsessed with inventing rights violations by Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy, where women and minorities — the most oppressed sections in most of the nations in the world — enjoy equality in law and practice both. Since March 2006, when the UN General Assembly brought the UNHRC into existence, it has condemned Israel 61 times, compared to just 55 condemnations of all other nations in the world combined.


BBC coverage of October 8 terror attacks downgrades terrorist to ‘suspected attacker’

BBC Watch

Visitors to the BBC News website seeking information concerning the multiple terror attacks against Israelis which took place on October 8th found no information on that subject until the appearance of an article titled “Israelis injured in new spate of stabbings” some four and a half hours after the first major attack took place in Jerusalem and two hours after the attack in Tel Aviv. The article was subsequently amended several times to include information on additional attacks in Kiryat Arba and Afula.Oct 8 attacks art

The first attack is described as follows in the version of the report currently appearing on the BBC News website’s Middle East page:

“Hours earlier, a Jewish seminary student was seriously injured when he was stabbed in the neck by a Palestinian near a light rail station in the French Hill area of East Jerusalem, police said.

The assailant then reportedly fled the scene…

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Obama Throws Christian Refugees to Lions

The fate of those Iraqi Christians who had fled from the Islamic State only to be incarcerated in the United States has finally been decided by the Obama administration: they are to be thrown back to the lions, where they will likely be persecuted, if not slaughtered, like so many Iraqi Christians before them.

Fifteen of the 27 Iraqi Christians that have been held at a detention center in Otay Mesa, California, for approximately six months, are set to be deported in the coming weeks. Some have already been deported and others are being charged with immigration fraud.

Many of the Iraqi Christian community in San Diego — including U.S. citizen family members vouching for the refugees — had hopes that they would eventually be released. Mark Arabo, a spokesman for the Chaldean community, had argued that “They’ve escaped hell. Let’s allow them to reunite with their families.” One of the detained women had begged to see her ailing mother before she died. The mother died before they could reunite, and now the daughter is to be deported, possibly back to the hell of the Islamic State.


Israel hit with 4 stabbings in second day of widespread terror

A second consecutive day of multiple terror attacks and nationwide unrest rocked Israel Thursday, with four stabbings and numerous other clashes leaving some 20 people injured.

A 25-year-old yeshiva student was in serious condition after he was stabbed near a Jerusalem Light Rail station on Thursday morning. A second Israeli was lightly hurt after he wrestled the Palestinian attacker in an attempt to prevent him from fleeing the scene. (By Friday, the student had regained consciousness and was in stable, moderate condition.)


Klinghoffer Sisters Recall: The Palestinian Terrorists Killed Our Father to Prove They Had No Mercy

“The reason they killed our father was because they wanted the world to know the that they had no mercy,” Isla Klinghoffer told an audience of hundreds at the Center for Jewish History in Manhattan on Thursday, recalling her father’s macabre death 30 years ago at the hands of Palestinian terrorists on a hijacked cruise ship in 1985.

Her tone, although composed, was nevertheless emphatic: her father, Leon Klinghoffer had been destined to become the sole victim aboard the Achille Lauro, which was hijacked by four terrorists from the Palestinian Liberation Front traveling on fake passports. Though their original plan, sisters Isla and Lisa recalled, was to moor the vessel at an Israeli port and detonate the ship, killing and maiming as many Israelis as they possibly could, instead their mission dissolved and they decided to make an example out of just one hapless passenger.