Rise Above It

The nurse asked a patient to remove his clothing and put on a gown to be checked by the doctor.
“In..in front of you?” He mumbles, shy.
The nurse says: “Don’t worry, I’ve seen the naked human body before. The man said, “Not one like mine. You’d die laughing at my naked body.”
“Of course I won’t  laugh!” said the Nurse to the patient, “I’m a  professional. In  over twenty years I’ve never laughed at a  patient.”
“Okay  then,” said the patient, and he proceeded to  drop  his trousers, revealing a huge male body with the smallest adult male organ the Nurse had ever seen in her life. In length and width it was almost identical to a AAA battery.
nurseUnable to control  herself, the Nurse tried to stop a giggle, but it just came  out.
And  then she started laughing at the fact that she was laughing.  Feeling very badly that she had laughed at the man’s private  part,  she composed herself as well  as she could. 
“I am  so sorry,” she said, “I  don’t know what came over me. On  my honor  as a Nurse and a lady, I promise that it won’t happen again. Now, tell me, what seems”It’s swollen,” Bob replied.
She ran out of the room. 

Can These Geniuses Be The Next Masters of The Arts?

There is so much rave over the artistic masters of the past like Michelangelo, Da Vinci and other masters over their masterpieces that we forget we are in a new age – this is not a knock against their generations because they are truly are the masters of their age, but let us not forget the new age or new generation of artists that could very well be the next masters. Especially nowadays when having a picture taken is just a click away, the appreciation for a hand-made portrait or any painting for that matter has dramatically decreased in a massive way, only the true fans of the art is left to bask in the glory of these amazing geniuses. These next masters are indeed from our age and will be our gift to the next age or generation, but that doesn’t mean only they can enjoy it, right? So let’s enjoy these beautiful masterpieces from these amazing artists!


What Do Palestinian Terrorists Want?

During the past few days, I had occasion to visit the homes of some of the Palestinian men and women involved in the ongoing wave of terrorism against Israelis — the violence that some are calling an “intifada,” or uprising.

What I saw — what you or anyone could see during these visits — was that none of these Palestinians had suffered harsh lives. Their living conditions were anything but miserable. In fact, these murderers had been leading comfortable lives, with unlimited access to education and work.

Four of the terrorists came from Jerusalem and, as permanent residents who had not applied for citizenship, held Israeli ID cards. They enjoyed all the rights of an Israeli citizen, except for voting for the Knesset — but it is not as if the Arabs of Jerusalem are killing and dying because they want to vote in Israeli parliamentary elections.

These young people took advantage of their status as permanent residents of Israel to set out and murder Jews. They all had Israeli ID cards that allowed them to travel freely inside Israel, and even own and drive vehicles with Israeli license plates. They were also entitled to the social welfare benefits and free healthcare granted to all Israeli citizens, regardless of their faith, color or ethnicity.


The Carefully Laid Plot Unfolds Slowly

Beyond the Cusp

The Third Intifada, what our Arab peace partners call the Stabbing Intifada, has been planned as the introduction to what they are plotting will be so much more. Their allies will gather over the coming months from places expected and some unforeseen. One of the first gatherings came this past week and instigated the abrogation of one of the few peace accords Israel has with her neighbors. Numbering over fifty, Bedouin leaders published a joint statement calling on Jordanian King Abdullah II to take on the task of building an army readying them to stand as the vanguard to take back Jerusalem. Arabi 21 news site quoted the statement accordingly, “Arab regimes in general, and the Jordanian regime in particular, have shirked their religious, national, and ethical responsibility towards the most important Arab and Muslim problem, the Palestinian problem. The events in the occupied land and at the al-Aqsa Mosque…

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Sex, drugs and rock n roll

The Slog

After putting some grubby clothes in the washing at first light, I went down the apps rabbit hole again today. The new Windows 10 photo-imports app (it didn’t require an app until two years ago, but now it does) worked like a dream first time last Wednesday. I tried to use it this morning, but it refused to notice the Coolpix camera it cuddled up to three days ago. It kept saying ‘try again’ before I’d actually tried as such, which is never a good sign. So I decided to see if it liked my mobile phone.

Not only did Mr App like my 4G Samsung, he knew its first name right down to the last letter. Then he asked, when a row of numbers came up, is this your password for Sammy Sung and I said no. So it cancelled the operation. I rebooted in order to fox the…

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Disability Innovations: App enables people with hearing impairments to use the phone

Excellent App

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Disability Innovations is a blog series that gathers some of the most interesting new products and services that aim to make disabled people’s lives easier. We hope it will inspire more innovation in the disability field.

What is RogerVoice?

RogerVoice is an App that enables people with hearing impairments to have conversations on the phone, by converting speech to subtitles in real time. This innovative use of existing technology has already allowed deaf people to make their first ever phone calls, and has the potential to include millions of people in an activity which most of us take for granted. It has already received much positive media attention, so last week I excitedly tested it out with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder Olivier Jeannel to understand how it works and what the potential for it is.

What’s the story behind it?

Olivier grew up in the US where he…

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