The New Entrants


PANASONIC CONDOMS: Quest for zero defect.
NIKE CONDOMS: Just do it.
TOYOTA CONDOMS: Oh, What a feeling.
EVEREADY CONDOMS: Keep on going and going and going.
PRINGLES CONDOMS: Once you pop, you can’t stop.
NISSAN CONDOMS: Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.
STANDARD BANK CONDOMS: With us you can go so much further.
YOKOHAMA CONDOMS: Serious rubber.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK CONDOMS: We’ll never be too big.
CGS CONDOMS: Because only balls should bounce
DOMESTOS CONDOMS: Kills all known sperms dead!
PANADO CONDOMS: The GP’s choice.
SEIKO KINETIC CONDOMS: Someday all condoms will be made this way.
CREMORA CONDOMS: If it’s not on top then it’s inside.
KELLOGS CONDOMS: Guess who got it all last night.
CONTINENTAL CONDOMS: German engineering where you need it most.
CASTLE LAGER CONDOMS: The condoms that stood the test of time.
OLD MUTUAL CONDOMS: It all begins with a plan.
CAL-C-VITA CONDOMS: The Protector.
MTN CONDOMS: The better connection.
SANTAM CONDOMS: Covering South Africa.
NBS CONDOMS: Yes, Yes, Yes.
SASOL CONDOMS: Reaching new frontiers
DURACELL CONDOMS: It can last you up to 6 times longer
ESKOM CONDOMS: We light up your life?
BANKING CONDOM: Non-refundable deposit
GUITAR STRING MAKER: Ernie Balls condoms. Very highly strung.

The surgeon who gave Zion a pair of hands

An Israeli child runs to pick up a seemingly abandoned toy from the street. In a tragic flash, he discovers it is a bomb and with the loss of both his hands, child’s play is over.

Until now that boy would have never again been able to grasp his mother’s hand in his. But with a new groundbreaking procedure performed by a team led by Dr. L. Scott Levin in Philadelphia this July, there is renewed hope.

And the hope springs forth from Zion.

Today a bubbly, active and precocious eight year old, at age two Zion Harvey was struck by a sepsis infection that led to the amputation of his hands and feet. Barely hanging on two years later, he also underwent a kidney transplant through a donation from his mother, Pattie Ray.


Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

Jeremy Corbyn is preparing to wrap himself in the Union flag for his first conference speech as Labour leader this afternoon, insisting that he “loves” Britain and that he is driven by “British majority values”. His new-found patriotism shows that the rows he has been caught up in over his failure to sing the national anthem and whether he would wear a poppy have hurt. His team initially dismissed such stuff as “tittle tattle”, while Corbyn took time to decide what he thought of the anthem, but this morning’s papers show they know these things matter.

The tone from the new Labour leadership has been markedly emollient, with John McDonnell living up to his promise yesterday to not deliver his “usual rant” (despite this, I identified 7 concerning parts). “The arduous process of rebranding Mr McDonnell as a prudent pragmatist is under way,” said Michael Deacon. Corbyn’s team are trying to be conciliatory, with the new leader making several u-turns in his first fortnight, so Labour can get used to the idea of him at the top, and to prevent his first conference turning into anarchy. Dan Hodges touches on a deeper reason for Corbyn’s critics being well-behaved – “fear”. “It is the great unifier now”, he writes in today’s paper. “Fear of the unbelievers. Fear of being branded an unbeliever.”

The conference has been markedly well-mannered so far, with McDonnell and Peter Mandelson acting like best buddies before the cameras. But scratch beneath the surface of the “new politics” rhetoric and tensions are simmering. John Woodcock told a private event that the party was “f***ed”, while a new poll found 33% of Labour parliamentary candidates feel “embarrassed” by having Corbyn as leader. “We failed to win the last election because we had a joke of a leader, and now we’ve elected an even bigger joke,” one exasperated MP told me.

Expectations are low for Corbyn’s speech, with delegates telling us that they hope he’ll promote themes like “unity”. We’ll be covering it on our liveblog. If you just can’t wait, it’s worth trying our automatic Corbyn speech generator. Meanwhile, Labour moderates have effectively given him seven months to show his appeal to floating voters, with Tristram Hunt saying Labour must win next year’s London Mayor election. If Corbyn doesn’t deliver, he’ll find his “kinder” politics may not last too long.

“I am not imposing leadership lines. I don’t believe anyone has a monopoly on wisdom.”

PM: I’ve Got A Brand New Corbyn Vote Harvester
The Conservatives will reclaim the centre-ground of British politics and win a Margaret Thatcher-style landslide at the 2020 election, David Cameron has said.

Knowing Me, Knowing EU
The EU’s leaders “do not care about the political cost” of their handling of the migration crisis because they do not have to face election, one of its top officials has admitted.

Not Russian In Yet
Vladimir Putin snubbed Barack Obama and revived Russia’s historic role in the Middle East on Monday by calling for a new “broad coalition” to fight Isil based on co-operation with the Assad regime. This came as he insisted Russian ground troops will not take part in battlefield operations in Syria “for now”.

He’s Got A Little List
The Isil jihadist dubbed ‘Mrs Terror’ and three other British extremists have been added to a list of the world’s most wanted terrorists at the request of the Prime Minister.

This Land Is Your Land…
The United Kingdom is “hanging on halfway down a cliff” and needs a new federal constitution to prevent Scotland breaking away, the Marquess of Salisbury has warned.

VAT’s Better
The European Commission (EC) will revise the VAT regime for tech start-ups after agreeing with David Cameron that they were punishing British entrepeneurs.

Muslim Immigration and How to Handle It

The heartbreaking photos of Muslim refugees trying to reach Europe have intensified a controversial and urgent issue: The issue of Muslim immigration and how the world should handle it.

“There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe,” said Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.

Many claim that Europe, facing the crisis produced by the huge influx of Muslim migrants and refugees fleeing mainly Syria and Iraq, should open its doors. But given the realities in Europe and the Muslim world, this suggestion may well be harmful to both the West and to the Muslim world.

One of the most common arguments is that Europe is not doing enough for the Muslim refugees and is actually responsible for the turmoil in Syria as well as the rest of the Muslim world.


Next Year in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount

Beyond the Cusp

The people behind the decision not to permit the Birkat Moshe Yeshiva from Ma’ale Adumim to go up on the Temple Mount as they have done the morning before Yom Kippur as part of an annual tradition dating back years, if not decades, should hang their heads in shame. To prevent these students to experience the momentous occasion of ascending to the Temple Mount as they have done for years and many had anticipated the great feelings of holiness which would accompany such a visitation is bordering on criminal. The excuse given was even more of an embarrassment for the State of Israel than anything I can think of in recent history. To tell these students that they are not to be able to observe what for them is a ritual that accompanies their High Holiday traditions because the Muslims have been staging riots and the police are unsure if…

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Not A Good Time To Be East Asian

Kingdoms Collide

This is Happy China. It is a Chinese restaurant in Beyoğlu that was just opened six months ago by Cihan Yavuz. Just this past week, Happy China was vandalized by Turkish protesters who are angry at China over the mistreatment of their Uighur population (or Uygur, or Uyghur depending on who is doing the reporting in which language). The bitter irony of the whole thing is that Cihan Yavuz, the owner of this restaurant is himself Turkish and the restaurant’s head cook is Uighur. These vandals just cost the employment of one of the very people they are supposedly defending.

This isn’t the only case of misguided protest. Just this past weekend some protesters near Topkapi Palace saw a group of Koreans and attacked them thinking they were Chinese. Fortunately, nearby police were able to break it up before any serious injury was done. (Read More Here)

Of course, China now gets…

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The Elk are Bugling~

As fall descends in Yellowstone and the Tetons,
painting the trees golden-yellow,
the elk are rutting,
and posturing.
They become so exhausted by all this effort, they bugle while resting!
The calves,
and does,
provide a peaceful contrast!
Cheers to you from the Tetons in the fall~

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