That’s Nothing!

A mother and little boy  are visiting the zoo. They pass by the elephant enclosure when suddenly the elephants walk out into the open. The little boy says to his mother, “What’s that?” 

“That’s the elephant’s tail,” she replies. 

“No, under the tail,” says the youngster. 
The mother is clearly embarrassed and says, “Oh, that’s nothing.” She quickly leads him away.
Some time later, the boy is taken to the zoo by his father, and as they pass the elephant enclosure the child points again and asks his dad: “What’s that?’
His father looks and says, “That’s the elephant’s penis, son.” 
“But mothrt said it was nothing!” said the boy. 
The father smiles, draws himself up to his full height and says, “Son, I’ve spoiled that woman.”

The Birds & The Bees~

Absolutely brilliant – thank you.

Can a Bee in flight balance on the beak of a hummingbird? You, betcha!
Can a hummer skewer a Bee in mid-air? Yes, indeedy!
At first I was worried the Bees would sting the hummers, but when I looked at the photos I realized I should be worrying about the Bees.
It’s good to know this feeder is guaranteed “Bee and Wasp proof” as you can read on the label,
but it is unfortunate Bees and Wasps cannot read.
You do see this hummer stabbing another in the back of the head from behind, which unfortunately, proves I have been wholely unsuccessful in teaching the hummers any manners.
But this is okay. I am accustomed to this.
I am a mother.
Cheers to you from The Holler birds & bees~

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Who were the colonizers of MENA Pre-World War I?

Beyond the Cusp

We hear much talk by the mainstream media and especially the leftist editorialists about how the deprived victims the Arab populations of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) who were subjugated beneath the imperial European (and presumably American) colonizers. Exactly who were these colonizers and for how long had they exploited the citizens of MENA’s lands? Well, according to the liberal and mainstream media story line as they infer, though never quite say outright, were England, France, Italy and Spain. Further, there will be implications of over a century to potentially many centuries these colonial powers ruled over most of the MENA nations with many remaining under colonial control after World War I and even after World War II with the old dynasties lasting through 1970 or even 1979, and the most brash might even claim that there is a colonial power still ruling in the Middle East to this…

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America the Beautiful~

with amber waves of grain.
Fall is coming to West Glacier National Park.
The leaves are turning,
and although the days are still warm, the nights are quite crisp.

Tomorrow we head over the ‘Going to the Sun Road,’ across the continental divide, to East Glacier.

There is no internet in East Glacier so I will be out of touch for awhile, until we cross the border into Canada and Waterton Lakes National Park~
Until then, cheers to you from West Glacier

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BBC in hot water over antisemitic caricature in Proms programme

BBC Watch

The Algemeiner brings us a story which once again highlights the pressing need for the BBC to educate its staff on the topic of identifying antisemitism.Algemeiner pic

“The BBC apologized on Friday for publishing an antisemitic caricature of famed Jewish violinist Leopold Auer in a program for its annual summer concert festival.

“We use a range of caricatures and illustrations in our concert programmes and wanted one of Leopold Auer,” a BBC spokesperson said in an email to The Algemeiner. “We’re sorry to anyone who was offended by the image choice – this was never our intention.”

The spokesperson also said the BBC has “no plans to use that image again.”

The offensive illustration of Auer appeared in the program for a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. The concert was part of the BBC Proms, an eight week-long festival of concerts, lectures, workshops and family events, ending with the famous Last Night of the Proms at London’s Royal Albert Hall. A number of…

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