Obama Setting Stage for Next Foreign Policy Confrontation, Israel

Beyond the Cusp

There has been a long list outlining the apparent policy from the White House from even before Candidate Obama won the nomination to the recent flood of reports each setting an even longer path of quotes with some stretching the line beyond credulity. The favorite around here has been Newsmax quoting Israel National News quotes alleged from Ma ‘an News references to a story out of Kuwait that American air commanders from all branches to defend Iran from any Israeli air strikes even if such defense results in their need to shoot down Israeli warplanes. We like to simply take things back to their roots from the outset where one of candidate Obama’s foreign policy advisors, United States National Security Advisor to former President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who stated and pushed the policy while campaigning with great enthusiasm called for during the 2008 campaign for the United States to shoot…

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The Fiction of Political Islam

Hamas is in trouble. Its relations with Egypt are going from bad to worse, and the influx of money, primarily from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the mosques in the Western world — where charity (zakat) was collected to finance anti-Israel terrorism — has dwindled to almost nothing. So has the flow of arms and explosives from Iran, Libya, Sudan and Lebanon. The resulted is the weakening of Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip, making it ever more difficult for Hamas to continue its ongoing subversion of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and its non-stop attempts to overthrow President Mahmoud Abbas to take over the West Bank and establish there the sort of Islamic emirate it established in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas’s military buildup was halted when the President Mohamed Morsi’s radical Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt was toppled and General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was elected President. Morsi, it will be recalled, strangely received support from President Obama until he was ousted. The Obama administration supported him despite Morsi enabling for the flow of money and arms to Hamas in Gaza to continue unhampered through the tunnels in the Sinai Peninsula. The weapons were used not only to attack Israel, but also to sabotage peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians and, indirectly, to attack the Palestinian Authority.


Hole in One

A couple were golfing one day on a very exclusive golf course, lined with million-dollar houses. On the third tee the husband said “Honey, be very careful when you drive the ball. Don’t knock out any windows. It’ll cost us a fortune to fix!”
The wife teed up and shanked it right through the window of the biggest house on the course. The husband cringed and said “I told you to watch out for the houses! All right, let’s go up there, apologise and see how much this is going to cost.” 
They walked up, knocked on the door and heard a voice say “Come on in.” They opened the door and saw glass all over the floor and a broken bottle lying on its side in the foyer. A man on the couch said “Are you the people that broke my window?” 
“Uh, yeah. Sorry about that.” the husband replied. 
“No, actually I want to thank you. I’m a genie that was trapped for a thousand years in that bottle. You’ve released me! I’m allowed to grant three wishes, and I’ll give you each one wish and keep the last one for myself.” 
“Wow, great!” the husband said. “I want a million dollars a year


 for the rest of my life!” 
“No problem. It’s the least I could do. And you, what do you want?” the genie said, looking at the wife. “I want a house in every country of the world!” she said. 
“Consider it done!” the genie replied.
“And what’s your wish genie, now that you’re finally free?” asked the husband. 
“Well, since I’ve been trapped in that bottle, I haven’t had sex with a woman in a thousand years. My wish is to sleep with your wife.” 
The husband looked at the wife and said “Well, we did get a lot of money and all those houses honey. I guess I don’t care.” The genie took the wife upstairs and ravished her for two hours. Afterwards, the genie rolled over, looked at the wife, and said “How old is your husband anyway?” 
“38.” she replied. 
“And he still believes in genies?? That’s amazing…” 

Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good Morning.

MPs will pay tribute this morning to the Queen as she becomes our longest reigning monarch, with David Cameron hailing her as “a rock of stability in a world of constant change”. Afterwards, Labour’s own rock, Harriet Harman, who has kept her party together after its electoral defeats in May and back in 2010, will attend her last PMQs as acting Labour leader. This will mark the passing of an era for Labour, as next time David Cameron could be facing Jeremy Corbyn across the despatch box.

We’re getting more of a sense of the chaos a Corbyn victory will cause, with the Guardian reporting that up to eight shadow cabinet members may refuse to serve on his frontbench. “Mopping up or making excuses for Jeremy Corbyn’s views is not sustainable,” one told the paper. These refuseniks could undermine Corbyn’s ability to unite Labour by building a team from all wings of the party. “You may end up with a de facto ‘shadow shadow cabinet’ on the backbenches just by dint of the fact Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are so utterly useless,” one adviser told BuzzFeed.

Meanwhile, some Labour MPs are preparing to defy Corbyn’s anti-war stance by backing air strikes in Syria. “Many of my colleagues…feel the same way,” Mike Gapes told the Sun. “Should the favourite win, Labour will undergo no Damascene conversion to Corbynism,” Mary Riddell warns in today’s Telegraph. This comes as the Independent highlights concerns among modernisers that Corbyn’s “class war” pitch would leave many voters cold, with the Policy Network think tank warning that Labour faces “permanent irrelevance” if it fails to shed its “outdated ‘cloth cap’ image”.

Corbyn’s rivals are trying to woo voters away, with Andy Burnham urging them to “elect a leader to fight the Bullingdon Boys, not Blair”. However, there is a palpable feeling that their attempts are too late. As Harriet Harman enjoys her last hurrah at PMQs, some Labour MPs will be bracing themselves for what is to come. The PM will likely pay tribute to her too, as senior Tories may deplore her politics, but they respect her resilience. Corbyn’s recent spiky clash with Cameron over Iran showed that if he wins, the gloves will come off.

“She won’t be one of those former leaders who breathes down their [successor’s] neck” Harriet Harman’s spokeswoman says

State Of the EU-nion

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission, is set to call for “more Europe” as multiple crises threaten to tear the continent apart. In a video promoting his Washington-style speech, he intones: “Either we succeed in bringing Europe closer to EU citizens – or we fail.” Matthew Holehouse has more.

This comes as rebel Tory MPs are urging David Cameron to ban the spending of party money during the EU referendum campaign in the wake of his historic Commons defeat, and to allow his ministers a free vote. Chris Hope has the details.

Refugee leaves MP in a lather
Tory MP Adam Holloway has claimed he couldn’t get a haircut last week because his refugee barber went on holiday to the country he had fled from.”I feel sure that the rest of Mr Holloway’s constituents will want to join me in expressing sympathy for his loss,” writes our sketchwriter – and constituent – Michael Deacon, “while taking the opportunity to reassure him that Gravesham contains other hairdressing salons, many of them staffed by non-asylum seekers.”

Javid dishes anti-Semites

Respectable, middle class people are “happy to repeat” modern takes on “age-old slanders” about Jews, Business Secretary Sajid Javid has said in an attack on “dinner party anti-Semites”. Steven Swinford has more.

Auntie’s political bloomers

Peers have claimed there is “clear evidence” that the BBC is “biased against older women” as they criticised the corporation over the sacking of ex-Countryfile host Miriam O’Reilly. The Beeb has also been accused of bias from both sides of the political spectrum, with Jeremy Corbyn’s team lambasting the corporation’s “distortions and exaggerations” in its Panorama programme about him, while Tory MP Bernard Jenkin mocked its “cultural bias” over the EU referendum.

May on the march
Brian May looked incredibly glum as he mourned the death of his friends, the badgers, who fell victim to a cull carried out to prevent TB in cows. Helena Horton reports on the Queen guitarist’s appearance at a mass funeral march through London for his fallen furry friends.

Lady in Red (no longer)
Tory pensions minister Ros Altmann has been kicked out of the Labour Party after it was discovered she had been a member for more than 18 months, Ben Riley-Smith reports. The Tory peer was reportedly amused to receive a text recently from Jeremy Corbyn asking if he could “count on your vote”.

Next to normal
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been criticised for referring to people without a disability as “normal”. SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford said that the comment were a “shocking insight” into Mr Duncan Smith’s mentality.

Affairs of State
Parliamentary computers have been used to try to log onto crisis hit adultery website Ashley Madison, Michael Wilkison reports.

For desperate Syrian refugees, the Arab Gulf is not an option

As thousands of Syrian refugees arrive at the doorstep of the European Union seeking open-ended political asylum, eyebrows are being raised over the unwillingness of the richest Arab states to shoulder some of the burden.

According to statistics published by Amnesty International, while Germany and Sweden each received roughly 50,000 asylum requests between 2011 and 2014 (a number similar to the rest of the EU combined), the number of Syrian applications to the richest Arab states comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the same time frame were laughable.


Iran Parliament Chief Says US Interpretation of Iran Deal is ‘Unacceptable’

Ali Larijani, Iran’s Parliament speaker, rejected the U.S. reading of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, particularly regarding sanctions, NPR reported on Wednesday.

Speaking to NPR during a trip to New York, Larijani warned that if the U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran, the country would reconsider its commitments to the nuclear deal.