How Far Apart

A British General had sent some of his men off to fight for their country in the Falkland Island Crisis.

Upon returning to England from the South American island, three soldiers that had distinguished themselves in battle were summoned to the General’s office.

“Since we weren’t actually at war,” the General began, “I can’t give out any medals. We did, however, want to let each of you know your efforts were appreciated. What we’ve decided to do is to let each of you choose two points on your body. You will be given two pounds sterling for each inch of distance between those parts. We’ll start on the left, boys, so what’ll it be?”

Soldier 1: “The tip of me head to me toes, sahr!”

General: “Very good son, that’s 70 inches which comes to 140 pounds”

Soldier 2: “The tip of the finger on one outstretched hand to the tip of the other, sir!”

General: “Even better son, that’s 72 inches which comes to 144 pounds”

Soldier 3: “The palm of me hand to the tip of me left pinky, sahr!”

General: “That’s a strange but fair request, son! As the general begins the measurement: “What! Son, where is your left pinky?”

Soldier 3: “Falkland Island, sahr!”

Nuke Deal or Not, Iran Has Already Declared War on Us

Iran has been at war with the “Great Satan” (USA) since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979. Its opening move was the regime’s seizure of the American Embassy and its taking U.S. diplomats hostage for 444 days in 1979-1980. Technically, the move was an internationally recognized casus belli, legitimate cause for war.

In addition, the Iranian regime’s proxy terrorist group, Hezbollah, engineered the murder of 241 U.S. soldiers, sailors, and marines in Lebanon on October 23, 1983.

Iran also sponsored the truck bombing that murdered 19 US Air Force personnel at the Khobar Towers housing complex in Saudi Arabia on June 25, 1996, in an attack allegedly executed by a Bahrain-based cell of Hezbollah, with the cooperation of a Saudi-trained Hezbollah cell. Iran was behind the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The Islamic Republic’s intelligence services facilitated travel across Iran by several of the hijackers in the weeks leading up to 9/11.



Going Back to School? Here’s How To Fight the Israel Haters

A few months ago, as the academic year was slouching to an end, I wrote in these pages to encourage the not-yet-graduated to stand up and fight anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses. The piece must have struck a nerve, as several readers, most of them parents of students or students-to-be, wrote and urged me to follow up my note with another, more practical one that advised those on the quad what to do when they come face-to-face with the haters. I demurred, in part because the question is more complex than the season, with its beach days and its sandy distractions, permits, and in part because I felt that enough fine organizations were already fighting the good fight on the ground. Now that summer’s almost over, however, and minivans are again being saddled with stuff and charging toward dorm rooms everywhere, it’s time to wrestle with the question once again.


Election Time in Turkey: Tossing the Dice Again

By this autumn, the Turks will have gone to the ballot box four times in about a year and a half. Three of the elections had been scheduled in advance: municipal in March 2014, presidential in August 2014, and parliamentary in June 2015. But apparently the Turks will have to elect another parliament a few months after the one they voted for on June 7. Not because there was large-scale vote-rigging in the last election, but rather because President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not like the election results.

After governing Turkey for nearly 12 years as prime minister (head of the executive power), Erdogan last year devised an ambitious plan: He would run for the (largely symbolic) presidency, entrust his Justice and Development Party (AKP) to a reliable prime minister who would win a large enough majority to pass constitutional amendments in the June 7 elections, and amend the constitution to introduce an executive presidential system. This would effectively assign all power to the president, thus paving the way for a modern-day, elected sultanate system.


People Shocked At The Real Reason Behind Slow Computers…

Every few years, you’re expected to buy an expensive new computer to keep up with technology, but the reality is your computer is not made to last long. If you think about it, PC retailers and software companies need a reason for users to keep buying upgrades otherwise they simply won’t make money.

The good news is its usually not your computer hardware that’s the problem. In most cases, the hardware is perfectly capable of being restored to its original glory and kept in fast-running condition with minimal effort. But what if there’s a simple trick that PC retailers don’t want you to know to make your computer run even faster?

An elite team of Microsoft Gold Certified developers believe they have the perfect solution and can wipe out slow PC’s permanently. They’ve built a new software that operates using a high performance algorithm to scan your windows PC or laptop. It then identifies and clears out unnecessary files that cause slow performance all at a touch of a button. Literally anyone can use it and only takes 5 minutes to work.