Check Your Facts

A little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, only to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner.

Good morning, said the young man ; If I could take a couple of minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high powered vacuum cleaners .

Go away!’ said the old lady ; I’m broke and haven’t got any money ! and she proceeded to close the door.

Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the door and pushed
it wide open. Don’t be too hasty! he said ;

Not until you have at least seen my demonstration. And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure onto her hallway carpet. If this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will personally eat the remainder.’

The old lady stepped back and said, Well let me get you a fork, cause they cut off my electricity this morning !!

End Bonded Labor in Pakistan

Off topic: have you read The Far Pavilions by M M Kaye?



Forced or bonded labor is the hook to get desperately poor people of the world in a trap of debt.  It is similar to indentured servitude  in our history, but different as the laborer never is able to repay the debt and becomes entangled in a web of of misery while  trying.  This is Pakistan but this happens in India, all through Africa, and other places. People need to be paid a fair wage and be able to start again after paying the debt.  With the many people and places embedded with extreme poverty, it is difficult to say which is the most desperately poor, but Pakistan is near the top of the list. . . . . .. Thanks Judy.

AUG 19 2015, 3:39 AM ET
Humans of New York Raises $2 Million to End Forced Labor in Pakistan
A photographer’s haunting images of…

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What Can We Do If We Would Really Like to Fight Terrorism in Tunisia?

Seifeddine Rezgui was not born a terrorist. He was indoctrinated to become a terrorist. He was the product of our educational system. What are the main characteristics of this system? Our educational system encourages the closedness of mind.

It is not easy for our students to accept others. Our religion teaches Muslims that they are the best people. The Quran says: “You (Muslims) are the best nation brought out for Mankind, commanding what is righteous and forbidding what is wrong.” [3:110] So, Muslim people think that they hold the ultimate truth and that they must share it.

Why do we not break the idea that religion is a taboo topic that we must not talk about? Instead, we should introduce the tools of scientific enquiry to deal with the subject of religion — asking questions without having any boundaries, and observing results through objective testing rather than with subjective and predetermined conclusions.


Joke of the Day


A man went into the lingerie department to buy his wife a bra.  “What kind do you want?”

“What kind?  Do you mean there are kinds?” he looked around at the sea of bras, feeling hopeless.

“Well yes.  There are many kinds, but they can actually be grouped into four classes.  First there’s the Catholic Bra.  It’s designed to lift the masses.  Then there’s the Salvation Army Bra.  It’s designed to lift the fallen.  Then comes the Presbyterian Bra.  It keeps them staunch and upright.  Finally we have the Baptist Bra.  It makes mountains out of molehills.

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Leftist Jews Refuse to Admit Jews Like Me Exist

Beyond the Cusp

The letter from three-hundred-forty know-it-all Rabbis just had to go and try and pretend that Jews like I and millions others just do not exist. They wrote this time to support President Obama, seemingly their idea of the perfect messiah, and to claim that any Jews who opposed his glorious Iran Nuclear Deal were an aberrant minority. Their idea that Torah instructs Jews to be socialist bleeding-hearts leftist elitists and that Tikkun Olam means to change the world to fit their leftist socialist world-views and it need start with eradicating any Jews who differ from their opinion which is simply distasteful and offensive. When a Jew such as myself would claim that Tikkun Olam actually means to repair the individual and by each person bringing themselves closer to Hashem by their daily actions and treatment of others and always giving respect and through personal fulfillment and the assisting of others…

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Why Worry About Yazidis when You can Focus on Palestinian “Refugees”

Even as the Western intelligentsia continue to focus upon the fake and inflated refugee crisis among Palestinians, the world’s real refugee crisis– Christians and Yazidis persecuted by ISIS– has become both overwhelming and hidden in plain sight.

There may be sixty million refugees and “internally displaced people” in all, primarily from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo, and other countries. Nine and a half million“refugees” and “internally displaced people” are Syrians. Some now live in refugee camps in Jordan, Israel (where they are also treated in hospitals), Lebanon, Iraq, and on the Syrian-Turkish border.


The News

99999According to Globes:

Tel Aviv’s Ma’ariv bridge to be demolished Friday

“The controlled explosion will take place at 6 am as part of work on the Tel Aviv light rail.

On Friday morning at 6 am Ma’ariv bridge in Tel Aviv will be demolished by a controlled explosion, Israel Police has announced. The operation will take place as part of the Tel Aviv light rail construction work.

Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz will be present and will press the button that causes the explosion. Final approval is needed from the Ministry of the Economy because of the large amounts of explosives required to carry out the operation.”


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Obama’s Iran Nuclear Pact: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuclear work site

What can I say? It just gets worse and worse. It’s catastrophic!

VIENNA (AP) — Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms, operating under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a document seen by The Associated Press.

The revelation on Wednesday newly riled Republican lawmakers in the U.S. who have been severely critical of a broader agreement to limit Iran’s future nuclear programs, signed by the Obama administration, Iran and five world powers in July. Those critics have complained that the wider deal is unwisely built on trust of the Iranians, while the administration has insisted it depends on reliable inspections.