The Unkindest Cut of Anti-Semitism

Beyond the Cusp

It starts with the demonization of all who dare oppose President Obama and his obsessive claims of grandeur based on the presumption that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have avoided any possibility of war by bowing before Iran with the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) and the equating of Republicans with the Mullahs and those Iranian hardliners who chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” and any others as Israel Firsters and treasonous people putting Israeli interests ahead of those of the President and thus the United States. These claims that the only alternative to the JCPA Iran Nuclear Deal is war and that those opposing this wondrous plan as simply like those who sided with Israel to drag the United States into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are a number of historical errors in this…

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Maniac Corbyn is a product of trends from Left and Right

Remember, remember, the 12th of September. Put it in your diary now. If you’re a political type, it could be your John F. Kennedy moment: you’ll always remember where you were the day the British Labour Party committed suicide, as Jeremy Corbyn was announced as the new leader.

Panic in mainstream Labour circles is palpable. Alastair Campbell and (today) Tony Blair have been quite explicit in saying that a Corbyn victory could be the end of the road for their party.

It probably would be. But the less discussed and equally interesting questing is, why? What is possessing Labour supporters who are eligible to vote to take a course of action that condemns their party to oblivion?

And let’s remember, even if one of Corbyn’s less extreme opponents does manage to scrape past him to victory, the party will be so split, and the position of the far-Left so strong, that the 2020 election will any any case be a no-hoper for them.


Jorma Kaukonen’s Jewish Journey

At Fur Peace Ranch, hidden away on an unpaved road in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, one expects to hear the moo of cows, the rustling of corn. But Fur Peace doesn’t raise dairy cattle or crops. Its primary product is guitar players, mentored during numerous weekend retreats each year by owner Jorma Kaukonen. One of the most celebrated and influential rock guitar players of the last 50 years, Kaukonen was a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, the band whose very name represents the base camp of the 1960s counter-culture in all its striations: lysergic visions, political upheavals, feedback-fueled rock ’n’ roll, the San Francisco-born soundtrack to collective hallucinations, urban revolution, and pastoral pleasures.


Hamas Murdered Yuval Roth’s Brother. Now He Helps Sick Palestinians.

The 70 miles from Pardes Hanna to Gaza seemed impassable last summer. But Yuval Roth, 60, didn’t have time for fear or despair. Since starting Derech Hachlama (“the way to recovery”) in 2006, every morning at 6 he’s already on his way from his home in Pardes Hanna to pick up Palestinians at a border crossing, where some 12 volunteers out of the organization’s bank of 500 use private vehicles to drive 30 to 50 Palestinians a day to Israel for medical care.

Derech Hachlama is an outpost of hope—a triumph of personal bridge-building that defies polarization among governments. That, at least, is Yuval Roth’s dream. Even at the height of the missile wars between Israel and Hamas, he continued to believe that the only way to end the conflict would be through initiatives that bring Palestinians to encounter a different Israel—an Israel where not every citizen wears an army uniform, and where Israelis and Palestinians might together build the mutual trust that may be the foundation for lasting peace. In the meantime, he helps save lives.