Private Conversations

A man was talking to God and said, “God, why did you make women so beautiful?”

God said, “So you would love them.”

The man said, “Why did you make women so soft and hugable?”

God said, “So you would love them.”

The man said, “Why did you make women so dumb?”

God said, “So they would love you.”

On the Nakornchaisri River

The Sketchbook

When you travel with local people you see hidden gems you might not find on your own. I know for certain I would never have found the Nakornchaisri River, nor the cafe on its banks. At first glance I thought it was a floating restaurant until I realized that we were not moving. In front of us was a continuous parade of water hyacinth on the water, big tangles of it moving quickly by, which created the illusion of movement under my feet. Occasionally a heron could be seen going along for the ride and once a huge, and likely dead, monitor lizard was caught in the mess of leaves and roots. The effect was a bit dizzying and a sight that will stay with me for a long time.

With every sketching spot in Thailand there is an accompanying meal, chosen with care by our host to maximize the…

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Despicable Violence Condemnable, Period

Beyond the Cusp

An Arab Palestinian child, a one-and-a-half year-old baby, was killed and four other people were wounded as a result of an arson attack on a house in the village of Duma, northeast of Ramallah. To the best of our knowledge the perpetrator of this horrific crime has yet to be named or arrested. Whoever committed this crime should pay dearly for their crime whether Jew or Arab and that is the truth. The international outcry and the hand wringing within the Knesset, the President’s residence and from the Prime Minister is righteous anger and is completely and honestly expressed, or at least we pray their concern is as they have acted. The strange thing is that this is what it took to get them to condemn violence against people simply out of what we have thus far assumed was interracial violence out of pure hate. It is refreshing to have…

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Vilka val står Israel inför?

Vad händer i Mellanöstern och USA idag?

Globes English – What are Israel’s options regarding Iran?.

Norman Bailey discusses what Israel can do in the wake of the Iranian nuclear deal.

All right, we now know the following things:

The six powers signed one of the worst deals in history with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will now have a greased path to develop the capacity to produce nuclear weapons (if it does not already have them); and receive tens of billions of dollar to restore its economy and greatly increase inward investment and petroleum exports, as well as to increase its interference in regional conflicts and its support of terrorist organizations of all sizes and flavors. Finally, it places Israel in a position of serious existential danger over the next few years.

The current administration in Washington, which has another year and a half in office, doesn’t care.

It makes no difference what the…

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Vaccinate against fear of Picasso

Standing Ovation, Seated

We all know Picasso was a genius who was not just practicing, but creating “isms”; who was not teaching, but inspiring artists; and whose single painting could feed half the kids in Africa if US billionaires and Qatari sheikhs who buy and sell the stuff would give their Picasso money to charities.

Then we look at some of his paintings and feel we don’t want to be asking ourselves the basic question of why Picasso is great or inspiring. Because we don’t always know the answer, or suspect we may not like it once we get enlightened.

Shall we be afraid of Picasso’s bizarre works, like this one? Not any more, if you get vaccinated by a healthy dose of cynicism. Roll up your sleeve, you won’t feel the stab.

IMG_0995 - копия (3)

It is, surely, a naked woman. An art historian would readily provide you with her name, her date of birth, and the…

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Obama’s Gamble with Iran’s Theocratic Regime

The gravest consequence of Obama’s Iran deal is that the world bestowed ideological legitimacy on the Islamic Republic’s radical theocracy, and in so doing has consigned the people of Iran to near permanent rule under the iron fist of Shi’a Islamism.

A total reversal of the Iranian regime’s behavior should have been, and still can be, a precondition for the removal of any sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program. An end to Iran’s financial and materiel support for terrorist forces such as Hezbollah and Hamas must be demanded, along with the return of the four American hostages Iran is holding.

There is still time for a better deal that can be had.