Litter Up For Adoption – (free to a good home). ADULT ONLY

Dear friend…..

I cannot keep the whole litter.

That’s why I first thought of you.

If you have no interest, I wanted to ask you

kindly to send this to your good friends.

Thanks for your assistance.

See below for adoption pictures.

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What the Terrorists Took: By a Fourteen-Year-Old Tunisian Girl

You can write a ton of articles about terrorism attacks but you can never feel it. You will not be able walk with your friend during lunch break without turning around to see if someone is following you. You will not feel comfortable around a bearded man. You want to wake up in the morning without being worried that someone will attack you. You are not witnessing the destruction of your country.


Early Spring Radiates


Frosty mellow out
Pink, floral, cherry blossoms
Early spring radiates

Early SpringtimeFlowers

Spring is the season for growth.  Soon natures around us will be blooming, so choose to wear clothes that are  made in floral or cool fabrics and warm in the eyes.

From cold to pleasant weather.  Here are some perfect outfits for you.

Skull La Femme Jacket

Purpla High Heels

Flor De Spring Dress

Flora Heels


Yes the feeling of hope, love, and abundance of possibilities, here
My basis of my inner healing and soul-searching soon would clear
For during my winter trip and adventure with the one I love
Again I’d be able to open my heart to feel with him the Spring of Love…

Abeille Amore


And here is for the coming of Spring to all of Us… mmmwahhh

Early Spring Radiates

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Iran’s Prison Archipelago

Iran’s negotiations with the P5+1 powers are narrowly defined to include only the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. However, Tehran’s abysmal record on human rights should reveal to the world what to expect by way of compliance on any nuclear deal.

In facilities under their control, both the IRGC and the MOIS are permitted to execute prisoners without trial or effectively any judicial proceeding.

Iran will also have permission to import or develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) with the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon to other continents, including to the United States.


Beit El a Case of Promises Against Facts

Beyond the Cusp

What Bibi promises the Supreme Court will demolish. The cycle is so consistent that it should have become ingrained on every religious and secular Zionists’ minds. They demolish two buildings here and the government promises to address building anew. Then when they demolish another set of homes in another location the Prime Minister feels compelled to bring a vote to build those homes he already had once promised. A while down the road the tenders have yet to be issued but the vote was close with some from the coalition opposing but finally permitted the vote and we are supposed to be thankful and kiss the rings of the demolishers. The delay comes to an end but not until the morning of yet another demolition. We wait and the tenders are opened and the Supreme Court nullifies the action claiming the homes are on contested ground because some anti-Zionist “Israeli”…

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IKEA + ubi bene install climbable vertical apartment in france

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IKEA + ubi bene install climbable vertical apartment in francein celebration of the opening of its clermont-ferrand store in france, IKEA has collaborated with local communication agency ubi bene to install a climbable wall made of dozens of the swedish brand’s furniture products.

ubi bene IKEA climbing apartment wall clermont-ferrand france

the mock-apartment is set onto the vertical surface, with beds, bookshelves, tables and chairs serving as mounts on which to scale.

ubi bene IKEA climbing apartment wall clermont-ferrand france

the vibrantly colored plane is patterned with prints, carpets, towels and textiles, all possible purchases at the mega-store. as participants climb their way to the top, sofas and swinging chairs allow a space for a short rest.

the vibrantly colored plane is patterned with prints, carpets, towels and textiles


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“Refugee Children” Invade Sweden

Asylum-seeking children are a relatively new occurrence among the Swedish migration flora. The earliest figures are from 2004, when 338 came to Sweden. Ten years later, the number increased to 7,049, a figure that will most likely be even higher this year.

The children come mostly from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Somalia, but as very few possess any kind of identification papers, authorities really do not know where they are from.

The problem is that they are neither unaccompanied, nor refugees, nor children. In many instances, they are considerably older than 18 (as can clearly be seen in pictures); and more often than not, they are very aggressive young men between the ages of 20 and 30. Everyone knows that their chances of getting asylum increase drastically if they claim to be under 18.

The official Swedish term “unaccompanied refugee children” is seductive. It leads your thoughts toward a 7-year-old in ragged clothing, holding a beaten-up teddy bear — a barefoot child in the world.