Pilot Burned Alive? Why????

PA Pundits - International

The New Islamic Terrorist Group (AMT)

By: Dave Gaubatz


Why did ISIS resort to burning a man alive?  Keep in mind Islamic terrorist groups have murdered, raped, and tortured innocent children in the name of Islam.  The burning of a man is really not news.  These people are evil.  In Islam the torture and killing by fire isprohibited unless….Death by burning a person alive is halal (legal) if the punishment is sanctioned by Allah.  ISIS is trying to show how close they are to Allah.  They want the Muslim world to know they have established an Islamic caliphate and Allah is directly communicating with them.If you want to understand ‘Pure Islam’ I suggest you begin reading the above manual. Within these manuals you will understand why ISIS burned a man alive.To understand the true threat of the Islamic ideology one must self educate.  This means reading material…

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