Love in the Time of Military Courts: Fawzia Naqvi


Guest Post by FAWZIA NAQVI

[ This guest post marks one month of the 16th December massacre of school-children by Islamists in Peshawar, Pakistan ]

Fawzia 1 

Pakistan has become a euphemism for insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome. There are though some incredibly brave, thoughtful, humane and patriotic Pakistani men and women who have decided enough is enough and they are determined to chart a different future for the country.

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Sunrise and pelican silhouettes

Christopher Martin Photography

Sunrise Pelican - © Christopher Martin-4764

One morning on couple of Brown pelicans were fishing close to the rocks where I was perched.  This started before dawn and lasted through sunrise.  There were a few great moments to silhouette one against the early sky.

Sunrise Pelicans - © Christopher Martin-4623

The clouds changed moods swiftly through the morning.  It was a very nice moment on a beautiful stretch of the coastline a few miles east of Cabo San Lucas.

Sunrise Pelican - © Christopher Martin-4776-2

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Terrorism-Lite: How Universities Let Students Abuse Academic Freedom

Why are some students doing this? Because they can. No one is stopping them. There is no accountability and no cost — either to them or to the people failing to educate them. Bad behavior is rewarded; it is allowed to go on.

Will self-declared jihadis and other “speech police” decide what is, and what is not, allowed to be discussed and taught in Western universities?

Is education now about instilling fear?

The first amendment right should not extend to depriving others of their first amendment right.

What criteria had the professor used — and for that matter Europe — to determine that Hamas was not a terrorist group, as opposed to the criteria used by the government of the United States to determine that, in fact, it was?