A Taxing Question

This example shows the importance of accuracy in your tax return.

The HMRC has returned the Tax Return to a man in Evesham,  Worcestershire, after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly.

In response to the question, ‘Do you have anyone dependent on you?’ the man wrote:-

2.1 million illegal immigrants,

1.1 million crackheads,

4.4 million unemployable Jeremy Kyle scroungers,

90,000 criminals in over 85 prisons,

Plus 649 self serving, lying posers in our Parliament and the entire
European Commission.

The HMRC stated that the information he gave was unacceptable.

The man’s response back to HMRC was, “Sorry, but whom did I miss?”

Britain Unveils World’s “Toughest” Counter-Terrorism Law

The government argues that the new powers—intended to prevent British jihadists from fighting abroad and to stop them from returning if they do—are necessary to keep Britain safe.

Civil liberties groups counter that the measures are “draconian” in scope and represent a dramatic expansion of government surveillance powers, ones that are ripe for misuse if they are not matched by strong safeguards.

A key provision of the new law would authorize the government to seize the passports of terror suspects traveling to Iraq, Syria and other jihadist battlegrounds.


Guardian quiety removes inappopriate photo of President Bush with a menorah

On Dec. 14th, we commented on an extremely inappropriate photo accompanying an official editorial at the The Observer (sister site of the Guardian) in response to the US Senate’s recent report on the CIA’s interrogation of terror suspects in the years after the 9/11 attacks. (The Observer view on torture, Dec. 14)

Despite the fact that the editorial had absolutely nothing to do with Jews or Israel, editors nonetheless chose the following photo, from a 2008 White House Hanukkah ceremony, of former President Bush in front of a menorah.

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Palestinian State and Obama, Will He Vote Yes or No?

Beyond the Cusp

There is a high expectation that by the end of the week, if not today, the Jordanian delegation to the United Nations will use their seat on the Security Council to place into consideration the petition for a Chapter Seven Resolution establishing a Palestinian Arab state in Gaza, Judea and Samaria using the 1949 Armistice lines, often referred to as the pre-1967 war borders despite the Arab League refusal to recognize them as a border for the state of Israel, with East Jerusalem as its Capital City. According to Voice of Israel public radio, any unilateral declaration of independence is a violation of the Oslo Accords and that if it receives international support, this would render all diplomatic agreements as void. This week has been witness to another example of extreme folly by the United States with President Obama claiming not to have decided whether or not to use the…

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Guardian letter rails aginst the evils of our time: War, racism, rape…and Zionism

If you want to see a good example of the Guardian Left’s malign anti-Zionist obsession, and the capacity of some advocates for peace and progress to become nearly deranged when contemplating the Jewish state, look no further than this letter published by the Guardian on Dec. 11th, praising Bradley Manning’s defense of transgender rights. 


Whilst the glaring facts relating to Israel’s clear progressive advantages in the area of LGBT rights should be obvious to any serious observer of the region, the moral equation posited by Rossi and Martin, by which Zionism represents a civilizational threat on par with war, racism, and sexual violence, goes beyond mere hypocrisy and double standards.

It’s instructive to recall an especially important passage in a widely read essay by former AP journalist Matti Friedman, concerning another element of the modern obsession with Jews and Israel:

For centuries, stateless Jews played the role of a lightning…

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