Distorted perceptions of Ferguson, Israel and Islam have similar roots


Those who find “racist” repression of Blacks in Ferguson, “racist” repression of Arabs in Israel and “racist” repression of Muslims by non-Muslims everywhere have much in common. 

Leftist and mainstream media perceptions of “repression” by Ferguson’s White minority of its Black majority, of Israeli “war crimes” against her minority Muslim residents and of the “peaceful” nature of Islam hinge on increasingly common notions: fairness requires inconvenient facts to be altered if possible to suit an ideology while others, inconsistent with the altered facts, must be ignored. We must speak and act with compassion toward and empathy with the oppressed. Only in this way, it is believed, can true fairness and empathetic compassion be achieved. Then, and only then, will we have true justice.

David Solway, in an excellent PJ Media article titled ‘Politricks’ and the English Language, summed it up:

[T]he Big Lie has been installed among us as the primary form of political and cultural address along…

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The Turkish Governor’s “Huge Hatred”

“It is shameful for a public official to make such remarks. Hate-speech and anti-Semitism have seized the state. The hate-speech often exhibited by the ruling politicians encourages public officials to follow suit.” — Aykan Erdemir, lawmaker, Republican People’s Party.

“This governor has a lot to learn from Sultan Abdulhamid… They [Jews] are our people. This is Turkey’s synagogue, not Israel’s.” — Young Civilians group.

The governor has probably scored good points to get a future promotion for the “huge hatred inside” him.

Once again, hate-speech in Turkey will not be prosecuted because it targets people who are not Sunni Muslim Turks.


Palestinian Violence and Next Arab Guileful Intrigues

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There has been escalating violence not only on the Temple Mount but across Jerusalem, both Eastern and Western Jerusalem. The Temple Mount violence is all about denying Jews access to the Temple Mount in order to claim that the lack of Jews ascending the Temple Mount is just further proof that the Temple Mount is only holy for Muslims and the Jews hold no importance to the Temple Mount. Meanwhile, the secular leadership of law enforcement, including Chief of Police Inspector-General Yochanan Danino, are taking the position that by restricting Jewish access to the Temple Mount they will be able to reestablish peace and quiet on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem in general. The problem is they are only feeding the Temple Mount and Jerusalem violence as they are proving the exact point the Arab violence has hoped they would accomplish. These secular leaders have no understanding of what…

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