Palestinians: We Hate You, Even If You Support Us

The two incidents once again prove that peace is impossible unless Palestinians stop inciting their people against Israel and Jews.

As the result of more than two decades of ongoing incitement, some Palestinians and Arabs can no longer distinguish between those who support them and those who stand against them.

Because of the indoctrination, a growing number of people in Arab and Islamic countries regard all Israelis as “settlers.”


The New “Moderates”: ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists

The emergence of ultra-violent groups in the Middle East has allowed non-violent extremist groups in the West to claim an undeserved moral credibility. ISIS is the ideal fig-leaf. Even al-Qaeda, by comparison, now looks “moderate.”

Many of those Muslim groups that condemned ISIS have a long history of promoting extremism themselves. It turns out, for example, that senior officials at Al Muntada Trust — which recently published a statement condemning ISIS, signed by nine other Islamic organizations — have worked closely with Nabil al-Awadi, a “key financier” of ISIS.