Why the Mullah is Smiling

Acknowledging the new ISIS danger while ignoring Irans role in fomenting sectarian conflict in Syria and Iraq is not only shortsighted but dangerous. ISIS is not about to acquire nuclear capability, at least yet. Iran is.

If ISIS, a 25,000-strong militia, poses a serious threat, how can one disregard the 550,000-strong military of the soon-to-be nuclear Iranian regime?

The International Atomic Energy Agency issued a confidential report, which states that “little progress is being made,” and that the Iran has implemented only three out of five nuclear transparency steps to which it had committed to completing before August 25. Does the West actually no longer view a nuclear Iran as a pressing threat?


Free Speech: A Motorway Pile-Up of Moral Confusion

CommentIf Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not qualified to speak about Islam, then who is? The answer is that the only figure they might accept is someone who does not make any criticisms of Islam.

Her criticisms are often raw because they are true. Able to do nothing about the truth, they try to silence the truth-teller.


Pesky Gibraltar monkeys sent to live in Scotland

The wild Barbary macaques have in recent years turned to looting apartments and bins for food, terrorizing locals and tourists in the process.

Their numbers have risen to around 200, with most living up on the Rock of Gibraltar. Recent forays into town prompted officials to tag the worst offenders, who had formed a rogue group, with GPS collars.

This allowed them to track how far the monkeys were roaming from their nature reserve home into built-up areas in search of food.

The monkeys were then trapped over a three-week period in August and September and will be flown on a chartered cargo plane to Scotland on Tuesday. Two experienced keepers will accompany them.