Salmonds Legacy for Scotland: Civil War

The losers are declaring war on all who disagree with them. They have adopted Salmonds attempts to pit one part of the population against another: not just young against old, but manual workers against the middle classes, city slum dwellers against country people, men against women, any section of the population that preferred Yes against another section that did the opposite.

The foolish devotion of Labour councilors to Palestinian militancy paved the way for nationalist mania.


Turkey? Antisemitic? Who, Me?

“Why are you running away, you sperm of Israel?” — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to a Muslim protestor.

“Being a sperm of Israel in Turkey means… to get used to living on hate speech, insults and curses every day; held accountable for every act of the Israeli government although you may never even have stepped foot in Israel; treated as a foreigner in the country where you were born, served in the military and you pay taxes.” — Vedat Haymi Behar, digital marketing solutions coordinator, in Radikal.


Ed Miliband has the electoral appeal of Gordon Brown, warn NEC members ahead of crunch Labour meeting

Labour MPs are calling for Ed Miliband to resign if the party loses a key northern seat to Ukip in Thursdays by-election as he faces a new revolt from his partys policy makers. Mr Miliband is facing mounting pressure over his leadership amid concerns that Ukip is making significant inroads into labours Heywood and Middleton seat in Greater Manchester. At the last election Ukip finished a distant fourth, but polls on Wednesday suggested that the Nigel Farages party has now taken 35 per cent of the Labour vote.


Extend air strikes to Syria to halt Isil march on Kobane, Defence Secretary says

Britain should extend strikes on Islamic State into Syria to halt the march on Kobane, the Defence Secretary has suggested.

The country cannot “stand aside from this fight”, Michael Fallon said, as he admitted that the Conservatives would lose any vote in Parliament to begin airstrikes in Syria.

Islamic State Isil fighters have entered districts of the strategic Syrian town of Kobane.

Seizing the town would give Isil jihadists full control of a long stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border.


Turkey Catches Fire as ISIS Burns Kobani

The Kurds are angry that Turkey isnt doing more to help the fight against ISIS, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wont budge

Tension over a peace process that has yet to deliver results, fear of a possible bloodbath in a besieged Kurdish enclave in Syria’s north, and frustration with the government’s unwillingness to confront Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria ISIS jihadists came to a boil in Turkey on Tuesday night, as clashes erupted across the country between Kurdish protesters, Islamist groups and police. What followed were scenes that reminded many here of the 1990s, when war between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK and the Turkish army engulfed much of the country’s Kurdish-majority southeast. At least 21 people were reported dead, with many more wounded.