Scotland’s man of destiny fluffs his big night

Last night’s 2-hour debate between Alex Salmond, the Scottish independence chieftain and Alistair Darling, the understated and cerebral general on the pro-Union side, was long billed as a decisive encounter in the 30-month long campaign that will culminate in a referendum on 18 September.

The Scottish National Party SNP is very much in touch with the times in one key respect. It believes presentation trumps substance in this age of media imagery and spin. Much effort has been invested in presenting Alex Salmond as a man of destiny capable of transforming Scotland.

‘Yes for Scotland’ even announced that a coach had been hired to instruct this already supremely self-confident politician about how to come over as the man of the hour. In the end, he came over as a curious mismatch, a cross between a jokey and avuncular Boris Johnson, the mayor of London and a slightly menacing Richard Nixon.


It’s Not What You Think: Hannity Explores Hamas Tunnel Into Israel


It’s Not What You Think: Hannity Explores Hamas Tunnel Into Israel, Daily SignalKelsey Harkness, August 5, 2014

(Hamas needs more construction materials as well as ample time and opportunity to use them. Hamas, an humanitarian organization, merely wants to care for the people of Gaza, unjustly, inhumanely and disproportionately slaughtered and impoverished by the vile aggressor Israel. Right. How will that song be sung in Cairo?– DM)

Want a look inside the secret tunnels that terrorist group Hamas has used to infiltrate Israel? Take a tour with Sean Hannity. The Fox News host traveled 40 feet underground with an Israel Defense Forces guide to explore one of the sophisticated passages. Among facts viewers learn: At a cost likely exceeding $2 million apiece, the three dozen known tunnels boast tracks, electricity, smooth surfaces and other advanced engineering.

>>> Commentary by James Phillips:  What Are These Tunnels Hamas Digs to Attack Israel?

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Good Citizen in India- Kentucky Fried Chicken


Good Citizen – KFC

This is a rework of a much earlier blog from India that not many people saw. It was one of my favorites. Today is the first of two posts  in response to questions I have had about what is available in India to help the many less fortunate people. Soon, there will be a post about a unique  program for the sight impaired. Image It started maybe six weeks into our time in India…. we started missing the variety of the food we enjoyed in America.  We began a hunt.  Some of the students  found Dominoes, while others visited McDonald’s for paneer cheese sandwiches, which weren’t too satisfying, but the French Fries were great!  And someone saw a KFC in Alpha One Mall!  The mall makes you think you are in America except for its size. There are…

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World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World


World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World, Gatestone Institute, Raymond IbrahimAugust 6, 2014

“They were trying to kill us… because we were Christians.” — Teenage girl from Homs, Syria.

There have been house-to-house searches in Mali for Christians who might be in hiding, and people tortured into revealing Christian relatives. At least one pastor was beheaded.

It is to the media’s shame that those who slaughter, behead, crucify and displace people for no other reason than that they are Christian rarely get media coverage, while Israel, which kills only in the context of trying to defend itself from rocket attacks and terrorism, and not out of religious bigotry, is constantly demonized.

Paying jizya [special poll tax for non-Muslims] is not only about money. It is about subjugation.

While the world fixates on the conflict between Israel and Hamas—and while most mainstream media demonize Israel for trying to…

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Israel defeats Hamas – and other facts about the war the Guardian won’t report

For Israelis who work professionally to promote accurate reporting about Israel and the Middle East, one of the most vexing dynamics (beyond the false claims, distortions, and fabrications) is a media narrative about our their country which often has little if any resemblance to reality.

Indeed, we are all too accustomed to Guardian journalists imputing to Israel the absolute worst motives – a place Jonathan Spyer refers to as the “mythical Israel”, “a place of uninterrupted darkness and horror, in which every human interaction is ugly, crude, racist, brutal” – while evoking endless sympathy for the most malevolent actors in the region.

Such fantastical ideas about the Jewish State and its enemies has certainly colored coverage of the current war in Gaza, and this post represents a break from the fisking, criticism and analyses of their reporting that you’re accustomed to. Instead, we will merely provide a very brief account…

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Independence debate: Alex Salmond got found out by Alistair Darling

This, incredibly, was the main tactic employed by the SNP leader last night in the crucial section of the leaders debate when Salmond and Darling cross-examined each other. Salmond fared even more poorly than he did against Dewar 15 years ago.