The disproportionate focus on Israel’s proportionality

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Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel Rockets launched from Gaza into Israel

One of the favourite weapons of Israel’s opponents (when they aren’t using rockets, missiles and bombs) is to accuse it in the court of public opinion of using “disproportionate force” in its response to the attacks on it.  Besides the fact that this argument makes no sense (would you expect a person punched in the face to punch his attacker in the exact same spot on his face? Or would you expect him to deliver a knock-out blow to prevent a recurrence?)  the accusation does not stand up to scrutiny of international law, despite Israel’s opponents’ fervent wishes.

Eli E. Hertz at Myths and Facts explains this thesis in Proportionality and Collective Punishment:

Israel is often portrayed in the media, by Western leaders, human rights activists and the many different organs of the United Nations as inflicting disproportionate and collective punishment on many Palestinian…

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Sunday Surprises in Northern Israel

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Before getting into some of the technical information and adding some credible commentary and statistics on the situation here in the Hamas-Israel ongoing confrontation, a little personal note. There have been Code Red sirens warning of potential rocket strikes in Nahariya and Ma’alot which are normally only concerned with rockets fired by Hezballah out of Lebanon but apparently are at the extreme end of range for some of the Fajr 5 and the M75 rockets used by Hamas in Gaza. Thus far there has not been any strike within earshot of our place in Nahariya, Bruch Hashem and we pray that things remain that way. We have seen the effects of having a Code Red siren on some of our fellow citizens. Tapping an elderly lady on the shoulder lightly in order to allow her with her three items to go in front of us at the checkout drew a…

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Singapore Government Supports The Destruction Of Book Of Same-Sex Penguin Couple and Non-Traditional Families


220px-TangopenguinThe Singapore government is supporting the National Library Board in the plan to destroy a children’s book detailing the real-life story of two male penguins raising a baby chick in New York’s zoo. It appears that the government views “And Tango Makes Three” to be nothing more than penguin perversion.

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“Moderate” Fatah Also Firing Rockets

Fatah has several hundred militiamen in the Gaza Strip, some of whom are members of the Palestinian Authority security forces, who continue to receive their salaries from Western governments.

At least two Fatah armed groups announced that they had started firing rockets at the “settlements” of Ashkelon and Sderot, cities inside the pre-1967 borders of Israel, with another Fatah group claiming responsibility for firing 35 rockets into Israel since Sunday.

So far as Abbas is concerned, “it all started when Israel fired back” in response to hundred of rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip during the last few days. He seems concerned that if the world hears about the role of Fatah in the rocket attacks, the news will affect Western financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, which dominated by Fatah.


David Cameron to promote young women to refresh Cabinet

David Cameron is expected to appoint the youngest female Cabinet member in the history of the Tory Party as well as a “minister for television” to improve the Conservatives’ image ahead of the election.

The Prime Minister is understood to be considering using his reshuffle to make Liz Truss, 38, his universities minister, replacing David Willetts and allowing her to attend Cabinet meetings.

Although none of the positions have yet been finalised, it is also expected that Mr Cameron will promote Esther McVey to replace Ken Clarke, 74, as minister without portfolio.