School strikes must be stopped, says David Cameron

A million pupils face being turned away from classes on Thursday as teachers go on strike based on a poll of just a quarter of union members two years ago.

The Prime Minister pledged to overhaul an archaic law that has allowed members of the National Union of Teachers to disrupt children’s education without any fresh ballots.

The move would put an end to union powers to hold an unlimited number of “rolling” strikes based on a single vote that has enabled the NUT to take action three times this academic year alone.

via School strikes must be stopped, says David Cameron – Telegraph.

The over-ambitious John Bercow must be stopped in his tracks

There are two versions of John Bercow. On the one hand there is the reforming Commons Speaker, who has played an important and welcome role in making Parliament work better, above all by forcing ministers to answer questions of burning importance on the floor of the Commons Chamber. If that were all there was to it, Mr Bercow would be on course to go down as one of the most innovative Speakers that the House of Commons has had. Unfortunately, there is no escaping his blatant favouritism, preening self-importance and erratic and sometimes dismissive treatment of vulnerable subordinates. These are not qualities normally associated with successful Speakers.