Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim sentenced to death for apostasy ‘to be freed’

Sudan appeared to be bowing to international pressure on Saturday night to free a woman sentenced to death for apostasy. A foreign ministry spokesman said that Meriam Ibrahim would be released and not face further charges. But lawyers for 27-year-old Ms Ibrahim expressed scepticism that she would be freed so quickly. “It’s a statement to silence the international media,” said Elshareef Ali Mohammed. “This is what the government does. We will not believe that she is being freed until she walks out of the prison.”


These Photos Were Caught at the Exact Right Moment

In life, and especially in photography, timing is everything. Weve all heard that saying, but as this amazing photo series shows, the difference between a good photo and an amazing photo is just that – timing. Just the right angle in just the right split second of action.


BBC’s Jon Donnison promotes BDS misinformation on Twitter

BBC Watch

Perhaps you too are beginning to wonder if and when the BBC’s Jon Donnison will ever get round to reading those guidelines on social media use put out by his employer.

“Those involved in editorial or production areas must take particular care to ensure that they do not undermine the integrity or impartiality of the BBC or its output on their blogs or microblogs. For example those involved in News and Current Affairs or factual programming should not advocate a particular position on high profile controversial subjects relevant to their areas.” [emphasis added]

Donnison tweet

As those responding to Donnison pointed out:

Donnison tweet replies 1

Donnison tweet replies 2

donnison tweet replies 3

Readers no doubt recall that Donnison’s failure to check facts and sources before hitting the Tweet button is by no means confined to this case. Despite those past breaches of BBC editorial guidelines, Donnison apparently once again failed to check out the agenda of the journalist who wrote the…

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Work Out Less and Look Younger!

Still Look Younger!

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