Turkey No Longer Respects Europe

Europe’s biggest failure vis-à-vis Turkey is another example of its unwillingness to face unwelcome truths: that whenever Islamists go into politics, they never turn out to be moderates.

EU leaders are now, belatedly, coming to realize that Erdogan is not their friend.


You`ve Never Seen Art Like This Before (Adult).

The Austrian Body Paint Festival! (Adult)

Every year, at the height of summer, a small, peaceful little Austrian town becomes a celebration of art, color and design. Hundreds of artists from around the world gather at the small town for one goal only – body paint.

The festival has been going on for 15 years now, and has grown from a small, anonymous gathering to the biggest even in body paint. Each year sees artists pouring in from 40 different countries, as well as tens of thousands of tourists, eager to be their canvas.


Route 35 terror attack gets a grand total of 34 words in BBC report

BBC Watch

Over twenty-eight hours after the April 14th terror attack on Route 35 in which father of five Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi was murdered and his wife and son injured, the BBC finally managed to come up with a brief mention of the incident, buried at the bottom of an article titled  “ Israelis and Palestinians in bid to extend peace talks ” which appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on the night of April 15th.

The article was illustrated using the misleading photograph below (which appeared at the top of the report’s original version and was moved further down about 12 hours after its initial publication, only to be removed completely in an even later version of the report) which reasonable readers would interpret as intending to inform them of some sort of clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians.

talks art w attack pic

The photograph’s equally misleading caption…

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An Alternate Path to Palestinian Arab Israeli Peace

Beyond the Cusp

By now one would think that the world would have realized that the traditional method of forcing negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a dead-end making peace unattainable and another route would have been sought. Despite all the claims and blaming of Israel for the failure of these efforts, the truth indicates that it is largely due to Palestinian intransigence and refusals to compromise on even a single item that has doomed all previous efforts. The old tried and failed method of applying pressure on Israel to make ever more grand compromises and concessions only to have the Palestinians to wave all offers aside and claim that there are just a few more concessions they require from Israel before they can make peace will have the same result as have all past attempts of this method. The Palestinians rarely itemize and list their additional demands and they change…

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Earth Seen from Heaven – Beautiful!

Earth From Sky

The project of Yann Arthus-Bertrand “Earth seen from heaven” experienced a huge public success. This method revealed till then unknown wonderful colors and symmetry. The scenes captured by the cameras are amazing. “The Earth seen from the sky” is, currently, one of the best selling books of photographs in the world with over of 3 million copies printed in 24 countries.