The Other Man

It’s not easy to have a fun and romantic date when the other man shows up out of nowhere forcing the date to come to quick end. The innocent bystanders who are trying to enjoy a relaxing drink do their best to help hide the woman so she isn’t discovered but she doesn’t make it easy in this hilarious romance skit

God And Adam

And God Said to Adam…

God said: Adam, I

Want you to do

Something for Me.’


Adam said: ‘Gladly,

Lord, what do You

Want me to do?’


God said: ‘Go down

Into that valley.’

Adam said: ‘What’s a Valley?’


God explained it to

Him. Then God said:

‘Cross the river.’


Adam said: ‘What’s a River?’

God explained that

To him, and then said:

‘Go over to the hill….’


Adam said: ‘What is a


So, God explained to

Adam what a hill was.


He told Adam : ‘On

The other side of the

Hill you will find a


Adam said: : ‘What’s a


After God explained ,

He said: ‘In the cave

You will find a woman.’

Adam said: : ‘What’s a Woman?’

God explained

That to him, too.


Then, God said: ‘I

Want you to



Adam said: ‘How do

I do that?’

God first said (under

His breath): ‘Geez…..’

And then, just like Everything else, God Explained that to

Adam, as well.


So, Adam goes down

Into the valley,

Across the river, and

Over the hill, into the

Cave, and finds the



Then, in about five Minutes, he was back.

God, His patience

Wearing thin, said

Angrily: ‘What is it


Adam looked at him apologetically and asked:









‘What’s a headache?’


Top of the mornin

Joke for today

Mrs. Donovan was walking down O’Connell Street in Dublin when she met up with Father Flaherty.

The Father said, ‘Top o’ the mornin’ to ye! Aren’t ye Mrs. Donovan and didn’t I marry ye and yer hoosband two years ago?’

She replied, ‘Aye, that ye did, Father.’

The Father asked, ‘And be there any wee little ones yet?’

She replied, ‘No, not yet, Father.’

The Father said, ‘Well now, I’m going to Rome next week and I’ll light a candle for ye and yer hoosband.’

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The Campaign to End Sexual Terrorism in Egypt

Egyptian Streets

"Women Can't Be Silenced" - part of DWB's online campaign “Women Can’t Be Silenced” – part of DWB’s online campaign

By Mohamed Khairat, Founder,

“Harassment of women in the streets is usually the girl’s fault.” Those were the words that a young school boy confidently said in a widely shared video by Dignity Without Borders. In the video, school boys spoke about their thoughts on sexual harassment: and the result, while shocking, was a reflection of Egypt’s society.

Today, Dignity Without Borders, in a campaign to end ‘sexual terrorism,’ has released a new video of young school girls sharing their experiences and opinions on the sexual harassment endemic. Watch the revealing footage below.

To learn more about the outrageous responses and the sad reality that many of Egypt’s women and girls face, Egyptian Streets interviewed 26-year-old María S.Muñoz. María, a Founder at Dignity Without Borders (DWB), arrived in Egypt four years ago to study at the American University…

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Military Option

Clarissa's Blog

Everybody keeps asking, “But why doesn’t Ukraine deploy troops already and beat back the Russian invaders and provocateurs?”

The Acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said today that finally troops will be deployed in a full-scale anti-terrorist operation.

Of course, the second a single Russian soldier appears with a bloody nose, Russia will invade openly and joyously. There is no chance Ukraine will win a full-scale war with the largest country in the world.

When 14 years ago Russians “elected” a KGB agent as their president, that was the time to ask what was going on with the supposedly democratic Russia. When Russia rigged elections in Ukraine, poisoned Ukrainian politicians, bombed Georgia – that was the time to start doing something.

Better yet, back in 1990 there should have been an ultimatum: no assistance, no trade agreements, no humanitarian aid, no discussion until the Communist Party goes on trial, its…

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Palestinians’ “Anti-Normalization” Movement

The “anti-normalization” activists are already accusing Abbas of being a traitor for meeting with Israelis.

The dancers, invited by the Palestinians from India, a staunch supporter, have received a first-hand lesson in what years of incitement and negative campaigns can do.