I`d Love To Have a Few of These Items at Home. Wow

Great Nifty Inventions!

A collection of nifty inventions, mostly by ordinary individuals, that are actually available for sale! If you like any of these, show them to your local retailers or order from online shops such as amazon or. What’s more nifty than the inventions themselves is the simple solutions for everyday problems.

Getting too hot at night but hate using the A/C? Why not use this special bed fan that makes sure you stay cool even under the blankets.


The questions are only easy if you know the answers

The Slog

Poor old Mutti Merkel isn’t getting much change out of Washington at the moment. She asked to see her NSA file, but was turned down. And some time ago, she asked for her gold back; but apart from 3% of the haul (and even that was not from the consignment of German ingots originally deposited) Geli was told to whistle for that too. Quite what the German Chancellor thinks she can learn from the NSA file is difficult to imagine, but if she wants to know the full strength, she could do a lot worse than type her name into The Slog’s search engine: it’s all there in black and white.

This asking and not getting thing is beginning to catch on. I find I do it at least seven times a day: I ask for explanations as to why Twitter has banned me, what’s happening on my FOI request…

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