Humans Aren`t the Only Ones With 2nd Chances…

If a human deserves a second chance at a normal life, who is to say animals don’t deserve it too? We could learn a lot from the way handicapped animals accept their lot in life, while still being thankfukl for the help we give them. It’s heartwarming to see them embark on a road that was denied them, and now – open again. So say hello to a bunch of brave animals, who have been given a second chance in life by kind humans.


Multiculturalism Is Political Correctness Run Amok!

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 First, it is important to look up the definition of multiculturalism. Try it. There are dozens of definitions and suggestions as to what it is or thought to be. It is ironic, but I don’t think anyone knows what it is much less what it means.

Wikipedia states : Multiculturalism has a number of different meanings. At one level the term means the appreciation, acceptance or promotion of multiple cultures, applied to the demographic make-up of a specific place, usually at the organizational level, e.g. schools, businesses, neighborhoods, cities or nations. In this sense multiculturalism approximates to respect for diversity. The term may also describe people who have more than one culture in them (people who grew up with more than one cultural identity, also sometimes called bicultural).

In a political context the term has come to mean the advocacy of extending equitable status to distinct…

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Why the 30,000 remaining Palestinian refugees from ’48 morph into 5 million

The Times of Israel  reported  today that, during his meeting with Barack Obama last Monday, Mahmoud Abbas not only refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, but reiterated his refusal to abandon the so-called “right of return” for Palestinian “refugees”. 


To understand why Abbas continues playing the “refugee” card, a brief look at how the world’s refugees are treated is necessary. 

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is the UN agency responsible for aiding all the world’s refugees – “all” the world’s refugees, that is, except for the Palestinians. The tens of millions of actual refugees this agency aids receive initial assistance – which often entails helping to resettle them in a new state – and then they are no longer refugees.

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) – the UN agency which deals exclusively with…

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Indian Name Giving

12On a rainy day, an Indian from a tribe goes to his Chief.

He asks the Chief, “Chief, how do you name all the people of our tribe?”

The Chief replies,”Oh, it quite easy. When baby is born, I look at first thing I see moving in wilderness, and name baby just that….

“How so?” asks the Indian

“Well,” replies the Chief,”if I see coyote running in fields, I name baby Running Coyote, if I see a bull sitting, I name baby Sitting Bull.”

“Oh, I see now” says the Indian

Then the Chief turns to the Indian and says, “Well, why do you ask, Shitting Dog?”

Off Topic: The Palestinians want to buy time


The Palestinians want to buy time, Israel Hayom, Dr. Ronen Yitzhak , March 23, 2014

(They apparently want to buy time at Israel’s expense for their own purposes, a strategy reflecting the Obama Administration’s own strategy. “Peace in our time” would help President Obama politically; since the Palestinians won’t make concessions, Israel has to be forced to do so. — DM)

[I]t seems as though the Palestinian purpose for extending negotiations is none other than releasing prisoners, and that’s it.

At the beginning of March 2014, during one of his interviews with the Israeli press, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat admitted to having suggested to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to abandon the negotiations.

“I won’t do it,” Abbas replied, “until Israel completes the fourth round of prisoner releases.” The fourth round is due to be executed at the end of this month. Israel is supposed to release the 26 prisoners…

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To Visitors, Africa Has Such Variety and Beauty.

Many see Africa as the ‘dark continent’ – a place of poverty, disease and violence. In some cases and places, that may be true, but Africa is a vast place, where over 1 billion people call home. It is a place with thousands of cultures, traditions, and heart stopping landscapes. It is a place where wild animals still roam, where ancient tribes of man still practice ancient customs, and where a traveller might be amazed and pleasantly surprised by constant beauty. This is Africa, where both man and beast live side by side.


Boycotted at Ben White Amnesty event as David Hearst announces “I know who you write for”.

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White and Hearst in discussion at Amnesty last night.White and Hearst in discussion at Amnesty last night.

Last night (Shabbat) I was at Amnesty International’s London HQ for the launch of Ben White’s updated Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide. The event was chaired by David Hearst, former chief foreign leader writer of The Guardian.

After White’s talk he had a Q&A with Hearst after which members of the audience were allowed to ask White questions. Well, most of them anyway.

I had my arm raised for half hour while Hearst took questions from those sitting around me, before taking questions from the other side of the room. While my arm was still raised Hearst called an end to questions.

Feeling rather frustrated I asked whether I could put a question to White. Hearst declined my request and replied:

“I know exactly what you’re up to. And who you are. And who…

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