The Glory of Creation Is Clear in This Video.

Yosemite National Park In Its Full Glory.

Yosemite National Park has been protected since 1864, and its 1,200 square miles have been a shrine to natural beauty ever since. Yosemite is known for its deep valley, grand meadows, giant sequoias and most famously – its many waterfalls.

This is more than just a great valley, but a testament to the fact humans CAN respect creation, and I hope one day we will find more ways to leave places like these alone to their beauty.


No, Harriet, Jews living across the green line are not in violation of international law

The Guardian refrain that Jewish communities across the green line (including in “East” Jerusalem) represent a clear violation of international law is repeated so many times that even those who don’t possess antipathy towards Israel could be forgiven for uncritically accepting this as fact.

Indeed, Sherwood’s latest piece, “Israel and Palestinian negotiators meet for first time in a year“, Jan. 2, contains this characteristic throw away line about the “settlements”:

The Palestinians argue that there can be no meaningful talks while Israel continues expanding its settlements in the West Bank, which are illegal under international law.

Of course, Sherwood, as with the countless other Guardian reports alleging the “illegality” of such settlements, doesn’t bother citing a source for such an international adjudication, as no such determination has ever been reached or definitively codified.

What Palestinians, and their advocates at the Guardian, are likely referring to is the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention

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Guardian interviewer is incredulous at ScarJo’s refusal to cave to BDS bullies

In a 2700 word March 16   cover story about Scarlett Johansson – titled “In Alien Territory” –  published at The Observer (sister publication of the Guardian), roughly 600 deal with the row involving the actress’s decision to step down as Oxfam ambassador after the NGO criticized her for becoming global brand ambassador for SodaStream.

alienThe Observer, March 16

While Johansson acquitted herself quite well in the interview, conducted by Carole Cadwalladr, what most stands out is how even their media group’s culture critics automatically become experts on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and adopt the Guardian narrative about the conflict.

Cadwalladr is a features writer for The Observer, and though it doesn’t seem she’s ever weighed in on the issues of BDS and Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria previously, she wasn’t shy about boldly making it known which party is in the wrong.

Cadwalladr begins discussing the SodaStream row in the following passages:


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Islamic Invasion Of Swansea Gathers Pace! : Mosque Plan On Target

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

mosque in swanseaCapture St. Andrews United Reform Church ,St.Helen’s Rd.,Swansea…site of proposed Mosque

Plans to convert a landmark city church into a mosque and community centre are more than half way there,with 66 per cent of the funds needed having been already raised by donations (Sadqa-e-Jariya) and fundraising events organised by the wider Muslim community and no doubt with additional outside help,possibly from Saudi Arabia.

Charity group ,the Swansea Mosque and Islamic Community Centre has raised a total of £1,060,997 so far,with an ultimate goal of £1,600,000 .

swansea islamic centreCapture

The group has plans to demolish the apse at St.Andrews United Reform Church on St.Helen’s Road,and create a three-storey extension, with a basement.

artist impression5966755538_9428fc9d22_z Artists impression of the completed project

This area at the rear of the building will be turned into a community centre . The rest of the 148 year old grade two listed building will become a mosque…..yards away from an Islamic centre and another mosque…

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Let`s Get On Our Gondola and See Beautiful Venice.

Venice By Gondola…

Is there a city more legendary, more spun by the dreams of artists and engineers, than Venice? The city of endless canals, of singing gondoliers and of elegant bridges, buildings, churches and cathedrals, built with incredible patience and skill. Every part of this city has been painstakingly built and decorated to become a work of art.

Let me take you on a gondola ride in this jewel of a city. Remember, it is sinking, so you should go see it while you still can!


BBC reveals: 2,500 year-old Jewish text contains ‘negative messages for women’

BBC Watch

The BBC website has a ‘Religion & Ethics’ section which includes a page on “ featured religions and beliefs “. Included on that page is a link to the section on Judaism and there, under the heading “Holy Days”, BBC audiences can read about Purim Jumbo Hamentashen

Curiously, much of the (uncredited) information there bears a remarkable resemblance to that provided on a website called ‘Judaism 101’ and in fact a link to that site – as well as to Wikipedia (yes, really) – appears on the page. But the BBC has also added some interpretations of its own to the Purim story and has made the shocking discovery that a 2,500 year-old text contains “negative messages for women”.

negative messages for women

Now of course the question of whether or not there is actually any educational or intellectual value in applying modern-day mores to a millennia-old traditional story is a debate in itself, but…

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It would be both naïve and dishonest to suggest that when I was a child we were all nice to one another.  The preferred term at the time was polite.  History has always had its share of people who were mean and cruel going back at least as far as the time of Cain and Abel.  But it does seem to me that more people than not respected the unwritten protocols of how we were supposed to interact with each other.

When I say “unwritten” protocols – those were what most of us in the hoi polloi observed.  The upper crust had Amy Vanderbilt and her guide to proper etiquette which they were expected to observe.  Perhaps my parents were lacking in social skills and that’s why I never learned the correct placement for a fish fork at a formal dinner.  My family didn’t host formal dinners.  Despite this deficiency…

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