Growing up in New York City it was inevitable that I was  exposed to hearing a variety of Yiddish words and phrases.  Some of those stuck with me and while I seldom have an opportunity to use them there are certain situations when they very succinctly describe a person or situation.  One of those gems is the word “nebbish.”

Nebbish – A pitifully weak, ineffectual person.

Several commentators have described the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama as a game in which the former is playing chess and the latter playing marbles.  That description might understate Putin’s gamesmanship and abilities and Obama’s inadequacies.

Putin is not a nice guy.  He is cruel, ruthless and determined.  He also has a game plan and is not afraid to implement it.  The recent events in Crimea illustrate his ability to take advantage of his assets having analyzed his opponent’s weaknesses.  He has…

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