The Rain…

1A man goes into the confession booth at the church.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” he proclaims.

“What is your sin, my son?” Asks the priest.

“Well, about a month ago I was in the library until closing time, and when I wanted to leave it started to rain very heavily and didn’t let up. After some time the librarian and I lost our patience and… well.. partied all night, if you catch my drift.”

“That is bad but not horrible, my son,” Said the priest, “if it is a one-time slip, God will forgive you.”

“That’s just the thing,” said the man, “about a week ago I helped my neighbor fix her shutters, and when I wanted to go home it started raining heavily and… well.. you know, all night long.”

The priest remains silent.

The man covers his face in his hands and starts sobbing, “what should I do now, father?”

“What should you DO??” Screamed the priest, “You should get the hell out of here right now before the rains starts!”

Did Mahmoud Abbas outrage Syria’s Palestinian refugees by waiving their right to live?

Mahmoud Abbas outrages Palestinian refugees by waiving his right to return‘ screamed the Guardian headline accompanying a November, 2012 report by Harriet Sherwood.  


Sherwood explained that Abbas was “facing widespread condemnation” in ‘Palestine’ and abroad “after he publicly waived his right of return” – a repudiation, she added, which is “of huge significance for Palestinian refugees”.

She then added the following:

After his image was burned in refugee camps in Gaza, Abbas rejected accusations that he had conceded one of the most emotional and visceral issues on the Palestinian agenda, the demand by millions of refugees to return to their former homes in what is now Israel.

He insisted that comments made in an interview with an Israeli television channel were selectively quoted and the remarks were his personal stance, rather than a change of policy.

Abbas told Channel 2 he accepted he had no right to live…

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Off Topic: The First Woman President


Off Topic: The First Woman President – The Washington Free Beacon .

(Way off topic, I admit, but funny and entertaining. – Artaxes)

Column: It’s not Hillary

obama larger

BY: Matthew Continetti
March 7, 2014 5:00 am

So long have I waited for the glass ceiling to be shattered, for the barrier to be breached, for the blessed moment to arrive. I had thought that the day that begins with a woman in the Oval Office, with more than 50 percent of our population feeling truly represented, was a day long in coming. I had thought 2008 would be the year we made history, with Hillary Clinton coming so close to the Democratic nomination, with Sarah Palin becoming the first woman on the Republican ticket.

But it was not to be. America reverted to her old habits of sexism and gynophobia, denying Clinton her place in the sun, even questioning the maternity…

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A Man Uses A Rake On The Beach. Once You Zoom Out And See What He Did, It Will Blow Your Mind.


I posted a story a while back called It Looks Like A Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow. Then You Zoom Out And…Whoa. If you enjoyed that post, check this story out:


Andres Amador is no ordinary artist. He neither draws or paints. He doesn’t sculpt. Instead of a white canvas, he uses nature, namely the beach. Instead of a brush, he uses a rake. Andres creates artworks that are larger than 100,000 square feet. He spends countless hours on his pieces even though he knows that the tide will soon wash it away…

Andres reminds us that what is important as an artist: the journey rather than the destination.

He uses his rake and wet sand to create contrast.

His designs can be elaborate and intricate in nature.

Sometimes, they are more geometric.

Other times, more organic.

Andres also helps people propose.

Most importantly, he…

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Agrasen Ki Baoli

Know-All's Box

Delhi is perhaps one of the most ancient cities in the world with continuous in-habitation since at least 6th century BC.Over the ages, Delhi has been invaded innumerable times, burnt to ashes only to rise again. And when you have such an ancient city with continuous in-habitation, you invariably have lots of old buildings of immense historical significance.

Since my sister and brother-in-law stay in Delhi, I usually visit them once a year around October/ November. During my last visit in November 2013, I had a specific request. I wanted to visit as many historical monuments as possible, because I wanted to take as many photos as possible for my blog.I should point out that Delhi has so many monuments, that it probably requires a month to visit all of them! I will try to cover the ones I visited during my 3 day visit, in the next few…

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Tim’s Vermeer Collision of Art and Technology



‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ is one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings.

How could a painter who lived from 1635-1675 create paintings with the detail of a photograph  two hundred years before photography was invented in 1839?  The artist was a Dutch master named Johannes Vermeer . Often he  has been described as using light instead of paint on his canvas.  The source of light is a mystery in his dramatic works most most often paintings of interior domestic  Dutch life.


“This Is the Girl in the Red Hat’. Are you wondering about the source of the light colliding with the  subject?

Tim Jensison, a successful Texas inventor, ponders this question of Vermeer’s methods as he  tries to discover  the mysteries and  duplicate the painting techniques of Vermeer. Is it possible that a genius in the  field of desktop video revolution of the 21st century  can  solve the mysteries…

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