Iran: Pulling the strings of terror


Iran: Pulling the strings of terror, Israel Hayom, Dr. Ephraim Kam , March 9, 2014

(Achieving a satisfactory “comprehensive” solution under the P5+1 “deal” is useful for political purposes. Amorphous mumblings about eliminating Iran’s nuclear threat, particularly by those involved in the negotiations, seem likely to be disingenuous. Talk of Iran’s persistent dishonesty and support for terrorism does not contribute to getting a satisfactory “comprehensive” solution either and is also likely to be disingenuous. — DM)

[I]t is likely that the damage to Iran’s image will be slight. Its involvement in terrorism has been well-known for years. Capturing this vessel, therefore, is not going to change that very much. And since it is also a high Western priority to reach a final deal over the nuclear issue, it is unlikely that this affair is going to put the brakes on the nuclear talks. 

The Iranians have already gotten used to…

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Again, Some Things You Only See in Russia!

Once again, I stand befuddled before these photos coming out of Russia. It must be such a great place to be an amateur photographer, because there are so many amusing and unique situations you can only ever really find in Russia, a very unique place indeed…