Explore the Past With This Interactive Lesson.

An Interactive Lesson in History

Dive into the deep waters of history with this terrific interactive map. All you have to do is click on an area in the world, and choose the time period in the horizontal ruler above. Then you can pick and read about any of the major historical events that took place there and then. It’s great fun and a great source of knowledge that let’s you attach a place to an event. Try it by clicking here or on the photo below.


Philosophy For Old Age


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BBC News website self-conscripts to ‘Mini Me’ role on Klos-C weapons interception

BBC Watch

Consider this: on March 6th the foreign minister of Iran, Javad Zarif, put out the following chronologically challenged propaganda on Twitter.

KlosC tweet Zarif

Within hours of Zarif’s finger having hit the ‘Tweet’ button (a privilege of course not afforded to the vast majority of his countrymen), the BBC News website had published an article based on that ‘140 characters or less’ agitprop under the none too subtle headline “Iran’s Zarif says Israel lying about Gaza rocket ship”  – and thrown in a bit more Hamas propaganda for good measure.

KlosC Zarif tweet art bbc

The article opens:

“Iran has rejected Israeli allegations that it was behind a shipment of Syrian-made rockets intended for Palestinian militants in Gaza.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif dismissed them as “failed lies”.

He claimed they were published “just in time” for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, which took place earlier this week.”

Later on the report…

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Humanity Has a Thousand Faces

The Thousand Faces of Humanity

We keep thinking of ourselves as living in the 21st century, and all that age entails. But outside the large cities, where there is no wifi, no internet, no computer or even mp3 players – live the rest of humanity.

They don’t chat online, they don’t text. They don’t worry about charging anything or about the next evaluation day at the company they work for. They don’t worry about taxes, insurence or morning traffic. They don’t read articles, they don’t play video games and they definitely don’t watch reality tv. They are the rest of humanity, the varied, colorful outskirts of our race that live their own life, unperturbed by the very different world of men surrounding them.

This beautiful photo series gives us a little look at that other part of our race, the part some have left behind, while others still embrace.


At the End of the Day

The Slog

I awoke this morning early, and looked out to see an owl floating about below tree level in the field opposite. It was a crystal-clear pre-dawn sky, so I could see him very clearly. Eventually, he sat on one of the fence posts, and vomited. It’s the way they get rid of the inedible bits after a good meal. I’ve seen the evidence of it all over my lawnmower at the end of a winter, but I’ve never seen an owl actually doing it before. It took him about two seconds, after which he did that Satanic head-swivelling thing, and then flew off. Quite incredible.

There was no going back to bed now, so I sawed up some more wood from what used to be the first floor here, and put the fire on. I went outside to give the motor home a cuddle, but was immediately distracted by the…

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Of Topic: Will Obama Blame Israel for Abbas’ ‘No?’


Will Obama Blame Israel for Abbas’ ‘No?’ Commentary Magazine , Jonathan S. Tobin , March 7, 2014

Abbas has no intention of ever signing a peace treaty with Israel or granting it legitimacy as a Jewish state no matter where its borders are drawn or how much of Jerusalem they obtain. But if the United States can’t be honest about this even when Abbas gives them a flat no to one of the basic principles of peace, then it is clear that the purpose of the negotiations isn’t a resolution of the conflict but another excuse to bash Israel. If, after Kerry’s mission fails or even if it continues on terms that are incompatible with peace, Israelis should expect to be blamed no matter what they have conceded or how many times Abbas has said no. But so long as Abbas refuses to say two words, those charges will be…

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