Guardian contributor claims ALL Palestinians jailed for terror crimes are ‘political prisoners’!

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The following is a   first person account (posted previously at this blog) by an Israeli paramedic who, in 2011, arrived on the scene at the Israeli community of Itamar shortly after five members of the Fogel family, including three children,  were savagely murdered :

The first thing I saw when we entered the first room was 4-year-old [Elad] on the carpet with three stab wounds in his left chest, and, as I thought at the time he was still alive, left another medic to attend to him.

I then entered the second room and found the 11-year-old[Yoav] who had been butchered, his throat was sliced so deep that his head was nearly detached from the body.

Then we entered the third room where we found the mother [Ruth] dead, lying on floor in pool of blood with multiple stab wounds.  On a bed in same room, lying dead with single stab wound in the neck, was the father…

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Which Future Will Britain Choose?

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TedBromund.ashxBy Ted R. Bromund , Ph.D ~

The European Parliament. Photo: Newscom The European Parliament.
Photo: Newscom

One way or another, Britain will have a national referendum on EU membership. But the point of the referendum is not to vote. It is to choose between different futures. The advocates of the EU, like Lord Mandelson, argue that Britain needs to “concentrate on using all of our influence and energy in building up Britain’s influence in Europe”.

That is the same siren song Britain has heard since the days of Harold Macmillan: if only Britain really tries its hardest, if only it commits to the EU wholeheartedly, it can lead the EU in ways that serve British interests.

This hasn’t worked in the past, and it won’t work in the future. Staying in the EU means outsourcing the control of Britain’s borders, the sovereignty of Parliament, and, increasingly, its economic, fiscal, and foreign policies to Brussels…

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A Brief History of Settled Science, or Lies the Scientists Told Us



Sometimes scientists simply get things wrong. Nobody’s perfect. But I was lucky enough to study under several conspiracy realist teachers and professors at some of the best schools in the USA. Sometimes scientists deliberately get things wrong.

One of my doctoral professors, a brilliant economist, now sadly deceased, often made note that where federal grant money is concerned, scientists will pander, play prostitute, and bullshit.

In the 1970s global cooling was the alleged threat. There wasn’t much money in that, so the threat was changed by the 80s or 90s to global warming.

The New World Order has to sell bullshit of all kinds to keep us immobilized and frightened. Thus, we more easily do their bidding. There’s money in it for them.

But saboteurs worldwide have woken up to the Illuminati’s game. They may call them the oligarchs, the powers that be, the one percent, the New World Order…

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Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu accuses UN of ‘hypocrisy’ over human rights votes

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Israel’s prime minister has branded resolutions criticising his country’s human rights “absurd” in the face of the Syrian civil war and violations elsewhere

Benjamin Netanyahu accuses UN of 'hypocrisy' over human rights votes
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) sits next to Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit during a weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem  Photo: BAZ RATNER/REUTERS

Benjamin Netanyahu revivedIsrael‘s historic antipathy to the UN on Sunday by accusing its human rights watchdog of “hypocrisy”, saying it had passed a series of anti-Israel resolutions while “slaughter”, executions and anti-media crackdowns were rife elsewhere in the Middle East.

“Over the weekend the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) condemned Israel five times, this at a time when the slaughter in Syria is continuing, innocent people are being hung in the Middle East and human rights are being eroded,” the Israeli prime minister told a weekly cabinet meeting.

“In many countries the…

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