‘CiF’ reveals anti-SodaStream agenda: Harming the livelihood of 500 Palestinians

The Guardian’s first few days of coverage of the debate over Scarlett Johansson’s role as global ambassador for SodaStream, and her subsequent decision to step down as Oxfam ambassador, was, by their standards, relatively fair.  However, yesterday, true to form, they published a commentary at ‘Comment is Free’ supporting the boycott and criticizing Johansson’s involvement with the Israeli based company.

Here is the most relevant passage in a commentary by Vijay Prashad titled ‘Scarlett Johansson is right; the face of SodaStream doesn’t fit with Oxfam, Jan. 30:

Johansson’s new job posed a serious problem for Oxfam. The charity has over the years taken a strong position against Israel’s illegal settlement construction at the same time as it has worked to deliver much-needed goods and services to the encaged population in the occupied Palestinian territories. In a powerful briefing paper from 2012, Oxfam called on Israel to “immediately halt…

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Off Topic: ‘Chances for deal with the Palestinians are quite low’


‘Chances for deal with the Palestinians are quite low’ Israel Hayom

Former Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, now head of the INSS, thinks neither Israel or the Palestinians are ready to make the concessions necessary for a peace deal • Yadlin on Iran: Israeli military option is still possible.

“As a matter of fact, the chances are quite low,” he said.

Today, Yadlin heads the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. He “commands” a number of senior researchers at the prestigious institute who analyze events in the Middle East. At the annual conference staged by the INSS, appearances were made by the president, the prime minister, and various cabinet ministers, army officers, diplomats, and academics. The top echelon came to make statements, but also to listen to assessments that allow them to pause and them take stock of ongoing processes, possibilities, risks and opportunities.

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This Artist Is More Than Unique – She`s Talented.

Dried Floral Art

Polish artist Elżbieta Wodała uses one life, now gone, to breath new life into unique works of art. Her \’paintings\” are made by glueing together different types of creates elegant “paintings” by gluing together different kinds of dried seeds, leaves, petals and many other plant parts she finds in nature, parks, gardens, forests and meadows.


In which BBC News abandons all pretence of fact checking

BBC Watch

On the morning of January 29th a Palestinian man named Mohammed Mubarak opened fire on an Israeli army position near the community of Ateret on route 465 in the Mateh Binyamin district. The soldiers returned fire and Mubarak was shot and killed. It incident Ateret alater emerged that he had earlier fired at passing civilian vehicles before attacking the army post. 

Later in the day, a report on the incident titled “Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank” appeared on the Middle East page of the BBC News website. Readers of that headline are of course given no clue as to the fact that Mubarak shot at soldiers and civilians before he was killed.

The report itself opens in the usual ‘last-first’ BBC reporting style, with no less typical use of scare quotes around the word terrorist.

“A Palestinian man has been shot dead by Israeli troops in the…

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Uttarayan , Kite Festival in Ahmedabad


gujarat-ahmedabad-kites-on-saleColorful tissue paper kites were being sold everywhere in Ahmedabad soon after we arrived.  The anticipation of the two day holiday, January 14-15, was building.


These men are preparing the string by rubbing it with the pink substance made of minuscule crushed glass. Why you might ask?  The kite festival is an competitive event where kite fliers have bragging rights for the year if their kite is last in the sky. Yes, “kiters” use their string to cut the  string of  the competition.

item4.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.patang-the-kite-hamid-shaikh-looks-upLittle boys dream of the day they, too, will be in the competition.


Little girls run through the streets to collect the fallen  kites.


The most coveted spot for kite gazing is the roof of one of the ancient wooden houses just inside the walls of the city in a section called The Pols. Lying on your back in the center grass of one of the huge…

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