Indy’s wild claim that Israel ‘tortures’ Palestinian kids continues to unravel

h/t Gidon Shaviv

We posted on Jan 2nd about a wild accusation at The Independent with the following headline:

The charge that Palestinian kids were tortured by Israel – by being “caged” for “months” during winter – was repeated in the text of the story which was written by Adam Withnall:

An Israeli human rights organisation has accused the government of torturing Palestinian children after it emerged some were kept for months in outdoor cages during winter.

To back up this claim, Withnall cited a report from the NGO PCATI (Public Committee Against Torture in Israel).

Withnall wrote the following:

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) published a report which said children suspected of minor crimes were subjected to “public caging”,

However, as we observed in our original post, when you go to the actual report (open the Word document at the bottom) at PCATI’s site, you learn…

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Become ignorant, unskilled, and poor: this is your task if neoliberalism is to survive.

The Slog

We’ve had don’t vote. Now I suggest don’t throw away, and don’t buy: just fix

The last two days have been mild and sunny here, and what this tends to do is make normal human beings want to get out among all things natural. Doing so in turn increases one’s self-esteem, and enables us to tackle tricky jobs we’ve been putting off, whether indoors or out.

One of these – small but tedious – involved a wire-based switch on a lamp of which I’m very fond. The lamp has a nice mock-Aztec beaten metal base, and so of course I wasn’t about the throw it out on the basis of a switch that has ceased to switch. It is, always in my experience, simply a contact-plate that his gone out of line.

Now in case you hadn’t noticed, these days all such switches are sealed. They used to have simple…

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Israel’s Illegal Immigrant Disaster

Beyond the Cusp

The illegal immigration problems in Israel have the identical overt ramifications as any other issue in Israel, namely that the United Nations, Left and far Left NGOs, the European Union and a whole list of foreign nations are all condemning Israel and demanding that Israel give full rights and comforts to these illegal entrants into their country even as much of the rest of the world is deporting the very same peoples who illegally enter their borders. Even putting the double standards aside, there are numerous other problems these unwelcomed invaders are posing purely within Israeli borders. Many of these illegal immigrants originally come from South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya and other nations throughout Africa with almost all these peoples transverse from three to as many as seven nations, risking death in many such as Egypt where illegal migrants are often shot instead of arrested, in order to…

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