OFFICIAL: 90% of bank heists are an inside job or hatched by the Brussels Gang

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Bank robbery nationalisation “has pushed out the entrepreneur”

bankrobThere are times when one wonders if the Daily Telegraph is simply being ironic. But in order to clarify the situation, The Slog has conducted an extensive qualitative study among people sporting striped jumpers and black masks. The results would tend to cast doubt over the Barclaygraph’s conclusions…

torymask…but the late Mr Bruce Reynolds did offer this opinion before his untimely demise earlier this year:

brucertitleAnd finally, police are very keen to interview this man:

diamondmugtitleRoberto ‘Legs’ Diamond, aka Bob the Banker. Known associates Bojo ‘Mayor’ Johnson, Paul ‘Guvnor’ Tucker, Marcus ‘Bikes’ Agius. Members of the public should approach him with care and doubt.

Earlier at The Slog: Was this Tory a paedophile predator? Did he face justice?

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One Couple’s Christmas Card Portraits from 1900 – 1942



Just like many families today, Richard and Anna Wagner took annual holiday portraits, sending out the photos as Christmas cards to friends and family. From 1900 (when the couple first married) until 1942, the couple took portraits in front of their Christmas tree (sadly Richard passed the following year).

It’s fascinating to see not only the couple age, but the small additions here and there to the household as time passed and technology improved. 1900 – 1942 was also a period of great change in the world. From the Great Depression to World Wars I and II, you can spot some interesting items in the background such as a map of the German troops advances in WWI (1915) and a vacuum cleaner in 1927.

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Image Courtesy of Heimat Museum




Image Courtesy of Heimat Museum




Image Courtesy of Heimat…

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How to give a cat a pill

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Did you ever try to give a cat a pill?

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