Debunking Common Myths About Alcohol

Alcohol Fact or Fiction

For some of us, alcohol has negative connotations, such as bad behavior, rowdiness and terrible hangovers. For others, alcohol is a positive substance that helps to loosen up social situations and puts you in a better mood. There are a number of myths about alcohol that we have researched and decided to debunk for you in one helpful post!


The Best Guess of How Will the World React to a Nuclear Iran?

Beyond the Cusp

According to many experts, both lauded and the self-described varieties, Iran has been given exactly enough time to be able to build and test a nuclear weapon within the six months they have been granted by the deal made with the P5+1 in the Geneva negotiations. Many claim that Iran will attain breakout ability within four months and define breakout as the production of a nuclear weapon would only take six weeks to gather the fissile materials and fashion a nuclear device that can be tested. Others have claimed that the six months is insufficient time for Iran to make a functional, deliverable weapon and they dismiss any significance to the testing of a nuclear devise as unimportant as there is no need to be concerned as long as Iran has not developed a deliverable weapon by normally considered systems. Personally, I would consider an Iranian device, no matter how…

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The Spirit of Apartheid: Why “Palestine” will not be an ‘Rainbow Nation’

Yesterday, Harriet Sherwood reported on the “parallels” some Palestinians are now evidently drawing between their movement and “Mandela’s anti-Apartheid struggle”.


The fact that some of the people she quoted to give credence to this argument includes extremists (such as Khaled Meshaal) who, contrary to Mandela’s support for Zionism, don’t believe Jews should live anywhere between ‘the river and the sea’ evidently didn’t provoke the slightest cognitive dissonance in Sherwood – a fact which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following this blog’s commentary on their reporters’ consistent lack of intellectual rigor.

Moreover, those who would liken the Palestinian struggle with Mandela’s overlook one glaring and irreconcilable difference between the two movements: Mandela’s South Africa championed the values of ethnic, cultural and religious pluralism – a vision of a “Rainbow Nation” representing the antithesis of what will almost certainly be a homogeneous and exclusivist Palestinian State.  


Those (like most Israelis)…

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